Live life in the Present


Live life in the Present

Some of us have the tendency to start a new day with the shattered pieces of yesterday instead of living the present. It holds us back and hinders our progress. To live a life of full freedom as God envisaged for us, look to the future with hope and have full faith in God who is able to do exceedingly above all that we ask!
Amen Dusty.

I know some people who used to be happy and healthy until they lost a family member. After that the woman always lived in the past and could not think of anything else. It ruined her live. She passed away several years later, and much to young to die. We can't live in the past
That's exactly right you guys . And I find that people who live in the past are also depressing to be around cause no matter how much you try to stear them into another conversation they keep going back to the same thing .

Hey , we all have pasts but they are gone and they were for a reason and when we trust God , He shows us down the line .

I am not saying we forget the past but God helps us to move past the past . We live from day to day and God looks after our future .

We put our hand in the hand of the Man who knows the future , and goes before us , knowing that all things work together for His good .