Living For God

2Corith5:15-and He died for all,that they that live,should no longer live unto themselves but unto Him,who died for them and rose again.
Our lives as believers,are no longer,ours.I don't have to live my life all about me,anymore,for if Christ hadn't taken my death,my life,wouldn't have been worth,living.
I believe,every steps I take in life,every of my achievements,should be for the glory of God not of mine.Paul wrote-But he that glories,let him,glory in the Lord(2Corinth10:17).Whatever,is mine,that is not useful for God's purpose,is useless and should be cast away.
Christ said,'Whosoever,is not ready to forsake all,for my sake,is not worthy of me'(Mat10:37-38).
Let the driving force behind your life,be the will of God,alone.God knows how to take care of those who are faithful to His purpose.Christ said,'Nobody gives up anything,for my sake that will not be rewarded,in hundred folds,in this present life and in life,eternal'.