Living In A New Way

Read Mark 1:14-20

The Common English Bible renders the Greek word metanoia often translated as “repenT,” with the phrase “change your hearts and lives.” The Greek literally meant “to change directions, turn around.” What are some of the most significant ways you have changed your heart and life in response to Jesus? One of the more striking parts of Mark’s report is verse 18: “RIGHT AWAY, they left their nets and followed him.”


Why do you think they responded so quickly and readily?

Have you ever finally responded to God, and then thought, “I wish I’d done this long ago”?
Daily I am presented with opportunities to be the hands and feet of Jesus and to follow in his example. Catching those opportunities means I have to be present in each moment of life.
We live in a culture that has trained us to want immediate attention to our requests. However as a follower of Jesus at times we make excuses not to respond to God. May i practice my response time in the daily opportunities that I am called to follow in. In doing so, I pray that I develop a heart that leaps at the words “come and follow”.
let me assure you, every person who has ever come to Christ always wishes they had done it sooner. They always ask, When Jesus calls, it’s time to go. “Why did I wait so long? Why did I keep putting this decision off? Why did I waste so much of my life not knowing and following Jesus Christ?” Jesus is Lord. He is the King, and the only proper response when Jesus calls you to follow him is to do so immediately. Anything less is sin, but thank God he is gracious to us and patient with us, even in our sin of delaying to follow Christ when he calls