Living In The Natural With God

The world has its standards,its laws and its rules(men's strategies to survive).Since all of us,believers,were called out of this world,it is not an uncommon thing,that most of us still live our days by the world's standards and set rules(the natural to man).Do you know,we should be new creatures,living by new sets of rules,laws and standards,that is not of this world(from where we were called)?We should live in the natural with God,in whom we are,presently.I know,by the grace of God,this message will stir-up a desire for the supernatural,in us.
Before we can desire the natural with God,we must understand,the natural with Him;and this takes us back,to the garden of Eden.Gen.3:19-In the sweat of your face shall you eat bread,till you return unto the ground;...Economics teaches,'The reward for labour is renumeration.'These two statements,are simply,the same,therefore,what God pronounced as a curse,became the standard for man's survival-whether man believes in God or not,he has no choice but to do the will of God.
When God created man,He made him exist in the natural with Him(God)-a garden that had all man could ever need.Even,when He asked man to dress and keep the garden(Gen.2:15),He didn't talk of sweat,in other words,no labour.Man knew of labour(sweat),when the land was cursed-when a man lives in the natural with God,everythings He does in the physical,is already concluded in the spiritual;so he doesn't go through the pain to get the gain,every step he takes is a divine instruction,hence,he cannot fail.
Listen,the world choked up,so man needs the supernatural,to run the natural;the supernatural to man,is the natural to our God-it is supernatural to man,that 5 loaves and 2 fish should feed,well over 5000 people but not to the Son of God,Jesus Christ;it is supernatural to the widow,that a jar of oil she had at home,should fill vessles,suffient to clear a debt,that could have cost the price of two sons,but not to the man God,Elijah.We need to start moving our stuffs,out of the natural with this world,into the natural,with God-greater miracles,greater signs,greater wonders,God wants to do through us,that the unbelievers may see and know,He's mighty to save.But are we ready,for this greater glory and greater works?
If we,who were born not of natural will(John1:12-13),are still subject to natural dictates,how can the natural man believe?Jesus said,in John10:32-38-Many good works have I shown you from my Father;...believe the works:...
Christians,we need to live to fulness,the life we have,in Christ Jesus.Don't run with the crowd,wait on God.If waiting takes a while,the 'Go!',will cover-up,for the lost time.