Step 3 for me a new member is to "Post a nice introduction".

So I pressed this to see what this says . . . and here is this place, instantly for me to do an introductory post.

Well . . . why not one of my favorite poems?

beauty of the lilies
and the daisies

kissing mist
upon the waters
of the harbor

filtered sunshine
sharing caring
warmly daring

glances of the
dancing waves
washing in the foam
in my troubles

"in the presence
of my enemies"
I have this table
before me

So, it is good to see you, God bless you, too :)

My name is Bill
Hoho! That link you clicked is our version of the rabbit hole. Welcome to our wonderland! You may meet a Mad Hatter or two, so don't be alarmed. Now excuse me while I fade away, leaving only my grin.:D