looking for fellowship

looking for fellowship

Like a few others on this site, I too was involved in the satanic arena of darkness; two years serving as a ranking satanic priest.
To this day I wonder why; the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ would choose me, but the did. He snatched me out of the grips of death and gave me a reason to live, I stand in awe of His great mercy, grace, and love each and every day………..
Having felt my calling from God, I went on to seminary and received my MasterofDivinity, but I increasingly became disenchanted with what was taking place and being taught in the theological circles ………….That was many years ago, and I have since dedicated my life to the inherent and inerrant accuracy of the Word of God; something that was scarcely taught in seminary, and less likely to be believed. {Before I go on let me qualify that statement so as not to discourage anyone with ministry aspirations. There has been a notable change in many avenues of educational theology. Much of what I was looking for 25 years ago, is now being taught today …………..praise God }

In a sense started all over, approaching the Word of God with a conclusion, rather than an assumptive or speculative method. My conclusion (actually two conclusions) are fairly simple.
The first is: that God is perfect, and thus His Word which “He magnified above all His name†(Psalms 138:2) has got to be perfect. For just as man cannot be separated from his words, God cannot be separated from His, neither can you know God or His will without knowing His Word.………….If Gods Word is imperfect, then we have an imperfect God, with invalid, unreliable, and non-binding beliefs …………… and I don’t believe that is the case……….. in fact I know of a certainty it’s not.
My other conclusion {in short} is that the Word of God is self-interruptive. When we look at the scripture from II Timothy 2:15 it says. Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.
No place in the written Word of God does it state that we should interpret the Word, it simple states that as workman of the Word, we should rightly divide it.
The word rightly divide is translated from the one Greek word orthotomounta, orthos means “perfectly right†or “perfectly straight†temno means “to cutâ€. This word orthotomounta in the KJV literally means “a perfectly right cutting†Its intricate nuance of meaning is that there is only one way to rightly cut the Word, all other ways are wrong. And yet from sea to shining sea, from pulpits across America and the world, from seminary to cemeteries, interpretations of the Word are given to satisfy the flock, to meet the economic or social conditions, to comfort the heart and appease the soul.
It’s been twisted, squeezed, wrenched out of context, and dragged across dispensational boundaries, all in effort to fit various needs, beliefs, theological structures or denominational mission statements; from which we don’t dare deviate from. This leaves the truth of this next scripture in peril ……….
I Corinthians 1:10 Now I beseech you, brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that ye all speak the same thing, and that there be no divisions among you; but that ye be perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgment.
The word of Truth can have incredible depth, but it is not multifaceted, it does not spider web out to appease a multiplicity of beliefs, feelings, or experiences……
If you feel scripture is saying something to you, and I feel it’s saying something else to me, one of us could be right, but for sure, one of us is wrong, because absolute truth cannot mean two different things; it would be a contradiction of terms.
When Jesus said in John 8:31b & 32 …If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; 32: And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. He was not referring to multiple truths; Truth by its nature is linear.
One of the reasons I became disenchanted with educational theology (per se), was the severance of truth by equally intelligent theologians to validate ones own theological beliefs or conjecture on scripture(s). This type of teaching flies in the face, of the afore mentioned scripture {I Corinthians 1:10.}
Truth does not perform or conform to what we think…. truth is ……..and we conform by the renewing of our minds, and perform by acting accordingly.
Truth is not relative, it is absolute, what was truth yesterday, is truth today, and will be truth tomorrow. It is not adaptive to opinions, nor is it flexible to feelings; the Word of Truth is the benchmark to which we measure all other against.

Don’t get me wrong, interpretation has its place, but it should be confined to words, not to structure or content. It is critical that we work the words, in the Word; to determine the original meaning as set forth in the language it was written. Beyond that, the interpretation of the written Word should be…… allowing the Word to interpret itself, which it does using various keys and principles of biblical interpretation. We don’t make the Word of God fit our beliefs, but we see how it fits, and then believe ………in essence: The Bible is subject to it’s own interpretation, not the interpretation we give it…………..
Any perceivable errors or contradictions in the Bible, are due to our misunderstanding, mistranslation, or deliberate forgery of the Word ………..Gods Word, in its original God breathed form, like God Himself, is perfect.

Well my introduction appears to have gone into a rant ……..sorry …. I do get excited.
I want you all to know I am not here to argue or debate …I don’t do that…… I am here for the fellowship; but for the most part, what I have written is where I am coming from. So if I don’t seem to fit in with your fellowship, just show me the virtual door ….it won’t hurt my feelings …… and it won’t hit me in the hindquarters.

God Bless
Azheis, I welcome you and am very happy you are here.
I enjoyed reading your testimony very much.
I really liked what you had to say.
I hope you stick around and be part of The Christian Forum Family!
Many Blessings,