Lord Of The Universe

Jesus is Lord of the universe. God of the universe is his father. Father has his spirit. These three are one same way as a coin is one in spite of it has two different circle surfaces and one cylindrical surface. God wants us to his companion. This happens through his son Jesus. Because Jesus (and father God) is our Lord we should be with joy obedient to him. This kind of followers he wants. But due to your transgressions against will of God and because of your negligence of God, your rejecting attitude towards God, He is not taking you to His presence. If you want to live in presence of God you have to give up those things that are against God's will and be eager to live new life that is based to obedience to God. God does not forgive you in every case, without conditions. There is some preconditions for His mercy. If you want you can read more about those conditions on page mercy of God