Lord, Today I am thankful for.....


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Good day everyone,

Just stopping by to let God know how thankful I am today. How about you??? What are you thankful for this day?

I thank You again for waking me up this morning and getting me on my way to work. I thank You for my health and strength that I am able to move around with no problems. I thank You for my family. I thank You for this day because it is the day that more lost souls will come to know Your grace and truth accept Your gift of eternal life. I thank You for all my brothers and sisters in Christ. I thank You for the wind that blows, the birds that sings and all the beauty You have placed here for us to enjoy. I thank You for the homeless that you have fed and sheltered, the sick that You have and are healing, the blind that can now see. I thank You for your grace and mercies that You bestow upon us each and everyday.

I am going back to work now Father. But not before I thank You for Your Son Jesus Christ for without Him none of this would be possible. You would not even hear us. So, I thank You so very much for Your Son Jesus.
Jesus, I thank You so much for being willing to give Your life for us. I thank You for Your blood that constantly cleanses us everyday. And, I thank You for all your children sins being forgiven.

I love You very much!!!!