Lord, Today I am thankful for.....


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Good morning Father,

We had a little snow last night. Wasn't much but enough to cause people to get home from work 3 to 4 hours later than they normally would. The traffic was really, really bad. Beltways were parking lots. But I say all that to say, thank You for getting us all where we had to go safely. It took time but we made it. Thank You for getting me to work on time and safe this morning. The real snow is coming tomorrow and the weather people say between 18 to 24 feet. I love this weather but I thank You for keeping us safe and warm. I am thanking You right now for keeping the homeless warm with shelter. I thank You for feeding the hungry and healing the sick.

I am thanking You for this day because it is another day that lost souls will know your truth and accept You as their Lord and Savior over their lives. I thank You for all my brothers and sisters. I thank You for those who will go out and make sure the sick and elderly are alright.

I thank You for my family, friends and my CFS family. I thank You for keeping us, healing us, restoring us and forgiving us.

But most of all Father, I thank You for Your Son Jesus Christ who died on the cross for all our sins. I thank You for allowing us to be witnesses of Your word and I thank You for working through us your children to be a blessing to others.

I love You very much!!!!