Lord, Today I am thankful for.....


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Good afternoon Daddy,
I thank You for healing me of my pneumonia. I had it in the worst way and thought You was calling me home. But You said, "not yet." So, here I am still standing in the grace and strength of You. I am still here for a reason I know. Not quite sure of the reason but I am trusting You with the reason and knowing that it will be for your glory when it's done. Thank you because You know what's best for me way more than I do. I thank You for all of those who prayed for me for I know that you heard the prayers of the saints.
I thank You for this day. As it is the day a lost soul will come to know You and accept you as their Lord and Savior. I thank You for healing the sick, allowing the blind to see, feeding the hungry and sheltering the homeless. Father, I thank You for making a way out for the abused. I thank You for all that You do that we don't see or hear about. I thank You for the spreading of Your word in places that need to hear it. I thank You for the missionaries that get your word to places that forbid it. I thank You because nothing can and will stop your word when You speak for nothing comes back to You void.
Most of all, I thank You for Your Son Jesus Christ who died on the cross for all our sins. I thank You for giving me the mind and spirit to accept this wonderful gift of eternal life and that one day we shall all be together. Until that day Father, continue to lead, guide, comfort, deliver and give us whatever you see that we need in our lives.

In Jesus name.....AMEN