Lord, Today I Am Thankful For...

Mar 5, 2009
Father, thank You for today. Thank You for all that You bought me through and that because of You I am still here today. I thank You for my husband, my family, friends and all my brothers and sisters in Christ. I had a very long and difficult week last week and I know that some of my responses to situations last week were not of You. I ask that You forgive me because I knew it was not You. You know what happened and where I normally back off and think before reacting, I reacted before thinking. I know that You have been working with me all weekend and giving me the strength and courage to continue with this. I know that You will be with me and give me peace. I give this whole situation to You. I leave it with You to fight this battle for me. I can't fight it alone and I am not going to try any longer. That was my error, trying to fight it alone when I knew better. Greater is He that lives in me than he that lives in the world. Thank You that this battle is already won. I thank You for not allowing my health to waver.

I lift up all the sick to You Father for healing. I lift up the broken heart and and depressed to You for healing and restoration. I thank You for this day as this is the day that a lost soul gave their life to You and said Yes to You. So I thank You for all of the new brothers and sisters we have this day.

Lord, stay close to me as I begin this week and give me strength. I say Yes to Your ways and Yes to Your will.

In Jesus name I pray....AMEN