Lord, Today I am thankful for


Mar 5, 2009
Good evening Father,

You know that I am in communication with You daily. But I am thankful for my online family who has been praying for my healing. I know that You heard and answered their prayers because I do feel better. I thank You for healing me, sustaining me and for strength. Strength to get up every morning and say, "Good morning Father" thank You for getting me off to work and sustaining me throughout the day. I thank You for the chest pains that are gone, my sight although not 20/20, I can see. I thank You for touching and healing my broken ankle. I thank You for all that You do.

Father, thank You for answering our prayer and blessing us with a house!!! We have been waiting so long but never did we doubt the power of prayer and knowing how to wait on the Lord.

I thank you for all of those You protected during this storm. Those whom you moved out the way, those who You bought through. Father, I lift all of those who do not know You. Father, send someone to them who knows your words of truth that can speak it to them in a way that they understand and say, "Yes, Lord"

I thank You for all the hungry you have fed, the blind who can now see, the sick You have healed. I thank You because I know that Prayer heals, comforts, saves and so much more!!!

I lift up my CFS family for blessings, healing and whatever else You see fit to provide.

Father, I love You so very much!!!! In Jesus name I PRAY!!!!! AMEN!!!!!


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Hello Godbe4me;

I was blessed by your thread. I read how you thanked the Lord, 10 times, in all your circumstances. This ministers and blesses all of us!

Psalm 136:1, Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever.

Thank you for sharing your exhortation to the Lord.

God bless you and your family.