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There is a picture hanging crookedly on your living-room wall. It bothers you, so you walk to the picture and push up the side that is hanging low. You step back, squint your eyes, and decide now the picture is straight. You leave the room feeling good about getting things to look the way they should.

The next day you walk through the living room and are surprised to see the picture is once again hanging as crookedly as it did yesterday before you straightened it out. You concluded you must have failed to get it really level the day before. Again you push up the side hanging low, step back, eyeball the picture, and decide this time you have it right.

The next day to your great frustration you find the picture hanging crookedly again. You are sure you had it right the day before. You push it straight and walk away wondering whether it will be crooked again tomorrow.

The next day it is crooked again. What's going on! Then it dawns on you. Perhaps the wire on the back of the picture is not centered on the wall hook. You take hold of the picture, slide it to the left a fraction of an inch, and then level it.

The next day when you return to the living room, you find your picture hanging straight and true the way you left it the day before.

A picture will stay level only if it is centered on the hook. Without that, any corrections are temporary. In the same way, until we center ourselves in Jesus Christ, no matter how hard we try to straighten out our lives they will eventually fall out of line.

Balance, Conversion, Morality, Regeneration, Repentance, Self-Improvement, Will Power
2 Cor. 5:15; Phil 1:21; 1 Peter 3:15