I posted this on my board but I thought I would see what you all think also:

What has sparked this topic in my mind is that I have been hearing this saying from people alot lately (including my wife) "When I win the lottery, I am going to do _________"

My questions are this:

1. Does it go against scripture to play the lottery?
2. Is it truly gambling considering they only cost $1 a ticket?
3. Is it the love of money that drives people to play this game?
4. Could a true Christian who loves God put all that money to good use if they won it or is it tainted money?

I personally don't play the lottery because of these reasons:
1. It would be quicker to flush that dollar down the toilet.
2. The odds of winning are the same as getting struck by lightning on a clear day...twice.
3. I have heard too many stories of lottery winners going bankrupt within a few years of winning it and they end up miserable.
4. I don't want the stress of dealing with all that money.
5. I don't need something in my life that is going to get in the way of my relationship with God.

I don't mean this to sound like one of those terrible situational ethics questions you had to answer in college; these are just some thoughts that go through my mind.
Hello Gibby

I can see no reason for it to be wrong to play the lottery, provided one keeps one's Christian values throughout. Rich or poor, these should not change.

One could win and use the money for many good reasons, harming nothing and no one in the process.

I believe that is consistent with a Christian Life

However, as you wisely point out, I believe that placing faith in winning the lottery is not Christian. Thou shalt not covet. Unless one's aim when playing the lottery is to win for the sake of others, then why else would one play?
:DThe lottery is a tax on people who are bad at math!:D
Thanks for that. If I do decide it is ok, I will probably forget to buy a ticket anyway so it doesn't matter. ;)
Instead of playing the lottery with that dollar, secretly give it to the church. Slip it unknowingly to someone who needs it very badly, and don't let anybody know that you gave it. Your rewards will be so much more than hitting the jackpot. :)