Love is the greatest gift.

Aug 27, 2008
Love is the greatest gift.

Out of all the gifts of Gods precious Spirit Love is the greatest because God is love can you see Jesus in your minds eye right now falsey accused, beaten whipped flogged what for He didnt desereve it.Nailed t5o the cross for who for sinners who spat in His dear face im so ashamed of myself when i look at what He done for a wretch like me and how ive lived.I feel like the thief on the cross Dear Lord Jesus please remember me You didiknt deserve it You hung there for me.I should have ben the one hanging there i truly do deserve it.I desever to be ever sep[erated from You but please Dear Lord have mercy on me a sinner the chief.Im truly noting more than wretch bu You are Holy Blameless Precious Son of God.Hea my humble cry i come a sinner on bended knee forgive this wretch opf wrtetches.I love You Jesus And when i hear and see how You are spoken of a fire burns in my heart but then i remember You came to seek and save.You did not come to condemn but to pardon.Forgiveness sweet pardon becuase You hung on a tree and You did it all for a wretch like me.Help me ever be mindfull of that glrious truth.You alone are worthy Lord Glorify YOur Name Jesus you truly are Lord and i love You so.Help me ever display my love for You.