Love Must Be Genuine

Love must be sincere, honest, truthful, and genuine, as opposed to being pretentious, disingenuous, fake or phony. True love, thus, speaks the truth in love and does not use false flattery, nor does it willfully deceive. In fact, it hates what is evil, mainly because of how evil destroys lives, homes, families, communities, church congregations and nations. Instead, it binds itself to what is good – wholesome, right, just, honest, pure and unadulterated.

It demonstrates respect for people, and it gives of oneself to meet the legitimate needs of others, self-sacrificially. It does good to its persecutors, and does not practice retaliation. It is not conceited. It seeks to do what is right by people. It works at trying to bring about reconciliation where an offense or discord has taken place, and it makes the effort to bring about peaceful solutions, where possible, to difficult situations.

True love is always hopeful. It prays for wisdom, understanding, guidance and direction. It seeks the good of others. It is continuous, persevering, and diligent in its zeal for the Lord and for his service. And, it is not overcome by evil, but it overcomes evil with good.

Love Must be Genuine / An Original Work
October 22, 2013 / Based off Romans 12:9-21

Love must be genuine.
Hate what’s evil; cling to good.
Love each other with affection.
Show respect for ev’ryone.
Never lack in your zeal.
Serve the Lord with diligence.

Rejoice in steadfast hope.
In affliction, patient be.
Keep on praying; share with others.
Practice hospitality.
Bless those who persecute.
Feel with others sympathy.

Be not filled with conceit.
Daily sit at Jesus’ feet.
Live in harmony with others.
Live at peace with ev’ryone.
Repay not to someone
With the evil he begot.

Do not take your revenge;
Leave it to the wrath of God.
If your enemy is thirsty,
Give to him something to drink.
Do what’s right for mankind.
Evil: overcome with good.