8/20/12: It is difficult for me to read this passage of scripture without coming under the conviction of the Holy Spirit in one way or another. I am always growing in this area of learning to love others with God’s love. God has gifted all of his children with spiritual gifts, but if they are not motivated by love, then they are just noise. Or, if the gifts are motivated by love, but we are guilty of not loving others in the process of using our gifts, then it amounts to nothing. I want to love others with God’s love and not have my gifts accounted for nothing, or to be just noise because they are not exercised in love. Help me Jesus to love like you love.

Love Never Fails / An Original Work / August 20, 2012
Based off 1 Corinthians 13 NIV

If I speak
With tongues of men and angels,
But do not have love,
My speech is but noise;
It sounds like thunder from above.
If I have the gift of preaching,
Knowledge, faith and prophecy,
But I do not love my brothers,
Oh, what vanity!
If I give all I possess
To help a neighbor who’s in need,
But I do not love my sisters,
I gain not a thing.

Love is patient; love is kind;
It does not envy; is not proud.
It is not rude; not self-seeking;
Selflessly gives out.
Love does not delight in evil,
But rejoices with the truth;
Protects always; hopes and trusts,
And always perseveres.
Love is not easily angered;
Keeps no record of the wrongs.
It forgives when wrong’s intended;
Returns hate with love.

Love will never fail when it is
God’s love reaching out through us,
Selfless in its care for others;
Yielding to the cross.
Prophecies and tongues
And knowledge,
Wisdom, teaching, miracles,
Gifts of healing, helping others –
These will all be stilled.
When perfection comes
The imperfect will surely disappear.
Faith and hope and love remain;
The greatest of these, love.