"Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world"

Hi there! I'll skip the unnecessary intro and just say what I have my problem with.
For years I've been spending my life on watching Korean, Japanese dramas, manga, its music etc. And they weren't just 'dead works' - they became my love. My conscience don't accuse me of them being sins themselves, but I'm fully aware that they were separating me from God. Therefore I decided to cut off from it (I finally gave my life to Jesus as well). But my love for these things still exists. Much smaller, but still. I'm not thinking about it much, but when I see things related to this 'hobby', my longing for it immediately arises. I pray to Jesus and every time He helps me, but I feel like its temporary. What to do to erase this love in my heart? Is it a matter of perseverance?

And I'm sorry for my English. One fourth of it is based on dictionary, so... :D
Perseverance is a good word. Yes, as you spend more time growing in the Lord, studying the Bible and learning about your faith and relationship with Jesus, you will increasingly look at things from His perspective. Your values will change to reflect His values. It will change the way you look at the things you once loved. In the meantime, think of your giving up some of these things not so much as self-denial, but as offering that time, attention, and devotion to God. Consider it an act of love and worship.
Giving something up is hard. You obviously know that. But if you replace whatever you are giving up with something else, something better, it can be a lot easier. Every time you feel the desire to watch those shows you should instead go read the bible. That way you don't end up with a void where something close to you was.