love to a person



love to a person

Good day (night), community)

Before asking the question I'd like to introduce myself very briefly. I seek for answers about God all the time. I don't feel to belong to any branches of the church but I feel christian. Although a skeptical one. Mostly I'm interested in genesis and also in history of religion. But this question is a personal one and I don't have all my life to wait for the answer=)

The Bible says that one can be happy if he finds Jesus, isn't it? So we should love Jesus and this makes us happy in any situation, I beleave it. I'm in love with a person (I am a young man and she is a girl if it matters) and it hurts although this person is very good to me (at least for the present time). It hurts because withought this person I can't be happy... The thing is that I cannot exist alone, I mean, I can't live just for myself. Does it mean that I live without Jesus? I love to live but sometimes I think if people whom I love betray me or let me down too much and finnally I get lonely, is there still point to live, from the christian point of view? I think that love for another person matters life for me, and I guess it's a sin because it's egoistic.
Also, can Jesus help us to love each other? How do you think?

I hope I was clear. Thank you and excuse me for any mistakes in English, it's not my mother language.
You said you have a special interest in Genesis? Well go read it again, there in lies your answer. Gen. 2:18 And the Lord God said, it is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.
We were not designed to be alone but to stand in relationship with one another and towards God the Father. I know how you feel. You feel like if you are going to get involved in a relationship with some one else, you are going to betray God/Jesus, the same way you feel about your relationships up to now. You feel betrayed and robbed of something that could have been good. I don't think I will be far out if I say that you also battle to commit to a relationship should one come your way. So it is either you pulling out of the race, or the one that got involved with you. I do want to make the following recommendations thou:

1. It is very important for us to get established in a church/fellowship of some kind. That is where we grow and mature spiritually, but it is also the place where I can find protection and guidance especially as a young believer. Unfortunately there is very few churches out there that really fulfill their responsibilities towards the members of their fellowship. Ask and pray that the Lord place you in a church where you can be established and grow in your relationship with God.
2. You must get to a place where you genuinely commit to your relationship with the Lord Jesus, God the Father and the Holy Spirit. It is fine to feel like a Christian, but can you truly say that you are a child of God through what the Lord Jesus has done for you on the cross.
3. If you want to get involved in a relationship with some one else, there is nothing better than to apply the standards of the Word of God. 2 Cor.6:14 be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers... This applies to every aspect of our life's as Christians. Relationships too. If you are a believer, don't even think of getting involved with some one who is not. The same goes for friendships! The chances is good that they will drag you down as well. A Godly relationship/friendship will only encourage your relationship with God and will allow it to grow and even flourish!
4. Trust God with your relationships. Ask Him to give you wisdom and discernment and help you to go into sound relationships.

I hope I could help you a bit.

Blessings in Jesus
Albert Ward