LOVE'S NOT IN A HURRY (Encouraging Word)

This is mainly for my growth, I know that...
Lust is NOT love.
sexual attraction is not love but it is needed for most.
Almost the entire world is deceived in to thinking lust = love and they discredit what lust is.
you can love and lust at the same time as well.
A sure way to tell if you love in a pure way, lust or both for someone is ask yourself some questions.
Love waits, its patient and it wants the best for everyone.
Knowing that, could you try to force a relationship with someone you love? when they say no?? Of course not.

You can however; force it, need it and let it consume you if your lusting for love or if you have lust + love.

Iv never felt pure love before, but do now thanks to God.

When I ask the LORD for direction on this, He will only say love, its all about love.
Well its all I could hear, feel and see anyway.. this video poped up the next day and then I got it.
But today it really all clicked in to place, I know now what I gota do, nothing at all aka wait.