Luke 9:23- 27

Luke 9.23- 27. What do these verses teach us about following Jesus and being His disciple? How does what Jesus says here differ from your current understanding of what it looks like to follow Him? Explain.
One of the problems today, is that many think that when they become a Christian that they simply add Jesus to their life. In other words, they keep, for the most part, living their lives with Jesus now added into the mix. Oh, they’ve changed a few things perhaps but it’s still their lives and their will and their ways. They listen to Christian radio and speak the language and hang out with Christian friends but is this what Jesus has in mind for His followers?

Jesus’ terms for discipleship is Give yourself away for Christ and His people. Don’t concern yourself with earthly goods. Seek His Kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be added to you…even eternal life.
We first have to take into account who He was speaking to? The apostles, men that He had been teaching for 3 years. I ask you, who else was He talking to?