Here she is.
She is possibly blind in one eye and she is completely deaf but she IS a good watchdog.
She knows when a family member's car is halfway down the street and lets me know before they are even in sight!
And she knows when a stranger is at the door.
We also have to use sign language with her.
It's our own made up dog-sign-language!
If she is in another room and I need to scold her, I have to stomp on the floor!
We all love her very much!!!
Pit bulls are wonderful with children and she takes care of the baby kitties too.
They have to be treated with love, that's all~
She sits on your lap like a child, in a sitting position and sleeps in someone's bed, every night:)
Wow, Violet.... What a loving pet. I am afraid as much as I love dogs , I love cats more and am trying to put a picture of my two cats here. Hope it works.


Are those your cats? I forgot to tell you my cats names are ,
Midnight and Dusty.. Hense, I took on one of their names. The grey one , Dusty just had large surgery and I almost lost her. But now she is fine and follows me all over the house.:):)


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My cat is named Khensu. He's a tweaker cat. But he's a grey/white tiger stripped tabbi, but I suspect he has a small bit of Siamese in him as well. Just got him from the SPCA 1 month ago.

Here is a picture of my son's dog and she is related to pitbull as she is a boxer. She is a wonderful ,friendly , loving dog and when she comes for a visit she wants to play with my cats but my cats are too old and don't want to be bothered with her and one just runs away and hides while the other stays and hisses at her ( Vida).( Her name means life in Spanish.)

Anyone living in Ontario cannot have a pitbull as they have been banned and the people will get a fine. There have been many attacks by pitbulls and a little girl was malled to death.
But I am sure like my son says it depends on the owner and he wanted to get a pitbull but could not because of this ban.

I love cats too much~
Dusty is one of my cats also~
Bro. B, I didn't know you liked cats~

Dusty, I'm glad your cat is alright now.
No, those aren't my cats, just a pic.

This is one of my cats, Midget!


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Tweaker...well...he's very energetic. Exceptionally so. I've never seen an animal with so much energy. I'm convinced he was born with catnip embedded in his fur or something.

And the name is Egyptian, named after a lesser god of the moon.
Dusty, what a pretty dog and I see the Pit in her.
We have maggie, full pit, and 3 half pits. Then we have a collie mix.
I have 5 dogs and I think I may have said 4 before.
Sometimes my son's half pit stays here too, then we have 6 :eek:.

I live in a zoo!
But the animals aren't bad, it's the kids! :D

Yes, you are right about the owner.
And pits need love. One on the loose will have an instinct to attack.
Our 3 male pits are outdoor dogs and we have 2 gigantic kennels for them with running water, sun and shade and insulated houses.
We checked with animal control about their safety in the winter, first.
Our cats all cuddle and sleep with Maggie, the indoor pit!