Maintaining fellowship with God...

Maintaining fellowship with God...

Hi everyone,
This is my first post. I'd like to share and ask for some suggestion :p
It's all about managing your relationship with God. Sometimes I find it so hard even harder to spend some time just to read the Bible...
Actually I felt like this is a serious problem as a Christian. While I know that it's a word of God.
I don't know... I gotta ask Him to forgive me after this, but whenever I'm planning to stir up my faith and start open up a page, but then find something that is kinda not understandable (for me), I would start to feel a little bored... The next thing I could do is to read it out loud so that not only my spirit listens but also my psychical ears also do! :eek:hno01:
It's because I've noticed and realized how important it is, that I would really like to be able to love the Word as much as I love my other interests... And of course I've consulted God about this, and asked Him to give me the will and ability to do it.
I'd prefer praise and worship to reading bible... I'm talking about fellowship with God...
Brethren, this is one from two of my prior problems in maintaining my relation with God. I have no more idea of what to do with this.

Hope to really find some solutions here. Critics and suggestions are always welcome.

God bless each of you. :guitar:

Sometimes it may be hard to focus on the word, or finding time to get to read it.. But as you stated it is so critical to get to grow and mature in GOD's wonderful spirit!!

When I first began to read my Bible, I found it hard as well, I started in Mathew and made it tp Luke, but felt lost and confused...

I decided I had to start from the beginning, and after I began to learn about Abraham and Moses, I could not get enough of God's amazing word. I started at the end of January and I am now to Psalms! Praise GOD!!!!

I read about an hour a night, but, I think once you fall in love with GOD's word, that's it, and you just love to read it!!

Ask GOD each time before you read to give you understanding of what HE wants you to have, and tht he bless you and have the Holy Spirit guide you through HIS AMAZING WORD!!!
...once you fall in love with GOD's word, that's it, and you just love to read it!!...
That's really what I want! :sad:
I'm aware that it is perhaps my egoistic of wanting to just read some verses, especially some words that would encourage or even warn me. In fact, I would just skip some part like genealogies which are very long and kinda bor*ng...
Thanks a lot for the reply. I would also like to hear some stern things to remind me as well...

Pastor Gary

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Hello, 'Glad2KnowHim', and welcome to CFS.

I'd like to give you some advice regarding reading the bible that could possibly make your way through the scriptures more understandable, enjoyable and more interesting in general.

Approximately 100 years ago, Dr. James Strong, one of the most gifted Christian schollars in history, undertook a lengthy project and that legacy that he left for us all, is a necessary tool for us to use in understanding God's message to us: The Holy Bible.

Dr. Strong's team took the Authorized King James Version Bible of 1611 and took every word in the Old and New Testaments back to the original Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek language meanings from the original manuscript scrolls that all Bible translations are based upon. The "Strong's Complete Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible" and a King James Version Bible can be used together to allow you to better understand God's Word in it's original form.

As an example, lets just take a look at the King James Version, Book of Ezekiel 1:4 (KJV) and note the word 'amber' as used in the sentence, "...and out of the midst thereof as the color of amber, out of the midst of the fire."
If we go to a high quality vintage (pre-1991) Strong's Concordance and look up the word 'amber' in the front word index section of the Concordance, it shows us that word is assigned a number... in this case, # 2830. Since the book of Ezekiel is in the Old Testament and the original Old Testament scrolls were written in Hebrew, we can go to the Hebrew dictionary section of the Concordance to # 2830. The word usage for the English King James Vserion word 'amber' is translated from the Hebrew word, 'chasmal'. Now we have to remember that in the HEBREW language, there are no direct references to color as there are in English. In HEBREW, colors are described from nature, not named. We see that the description of 'chasmal' in the Hebrew language means, "bronze or polished spectrum metal".

So, taking the words in Ezekiel 1:4 (KJV) back to the original word meaning of 'amber', we see that the concept in that sentence is, " "...and out of the midst thereof as highly polished bronze metal, out of the midst of the fire."

If we were to carefully take every word in Ezekiel 1 (KJV) back to the original Hebrew word meanings, we then get a better understanding of what is being described. It takes time to do bible readings and studies this way, but the rewards in knowing what God's origianal words meant, as penned by His chosen scribes and prophets, is a treasure that we should all cherish. Best of luck in your studies and I hope that this suggestion will help you to enjoy, understand and appreciate the Bible more. May God bless.
Glad, there's a radio station in my area that's owned by Calvary Chapel, and they play the pastors' messages all day. One of the pastors was talking about this, and he said (I'm paraphrasing), that sometimes when he reads his Bible, a lot of doesn't make sense, or doesn't move him. Then one verse will stand out from all of them that really touches him, and he will be moved by that one verse, and it will be a blessing to him.

I figured that if a pastor has this experience, then we shouldn't consider it unusual or frustrating if others have the same experience.
Thanks everyone,
Ps. Gary, could you tell me where I can find "Strong's Complete Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible"? I have KJV with me. I appreciate your suggestions, though it's kinda not too understandable for me.

...I figured that if a pastor has this experience, then we shouldn't consider it unusual or frustrating if others have the same experience.
A bit relieved to hear that, friend. Thank you.

I would consider reading more from KVJ and perhaps Message...

And also the other problem I have been dealing with is (friends, this is the most crucial part, so please don't skip this)... hard to say... It's porn.
Many youngster are influenced by this hard-to-remove-sin, I guess... Telling you the truth, this is the MOST difficult thing to erase from my mind!
I just wanna cry everytime I remember the kindnesses of the Lord to me, which are uncomparable... I know that what I have done, hurts the Holy Spirit...

I have done almost everything to restore my mind, but it seems beyond my capabilities...
I even have intentionally watched and listened many things or testimonies about people whose spirit travelled through hell, or anything that would scare me to death, so that I would NEVER ever think about it anymore for the rest of my life!
Far within my soul, I got really troubled and terrified as I imagine if I won't be saved from eternal fire!!! Besides all of His goodnesses and sacrifice.
I thought this concept would lead me to the final remorse ever in my life, but I was wrong... At that time, I did repent of that sin, but as time goes by, the thing started to arouse the feeling again. I just really want to kick my own ass if I could!
I think of myself, "How can I be blessing to others while my attitude is not right before God?!!!", but that's another case...

What I really want is... how to erase, forget or even destroy porn from my head..........
Guys, you may laugh at me, but please also get me out of this darkness...

Lastly, sorry for my awkward English, for it is my third language.
I thank you very much! God bless you.

Pastor Gary

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Thanks everyone,
PS. . . . could you tell me where I can find "Strong's Complete Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible"? I have KJV with me. I appreciate your suggestions, though it's kinda not too understandable for me.

The "Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible" is available from Barnes and Noble and you can read about it here:

The Strongest Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible, Strongest Strong's Ser., James Strong, Book - Barnes & Noble

However, IF you can find one that has a pre-1991 publishing date, those are just a bit more accurate as compared to some of the "new" publications.

You can also access it through the following link if you can not find a copy locally.

Strong's Concordance with Hebrew and Greek Lexicon

Use the search tool at the very top of the page. You can take ANY word in the King James Version Bible back to it's original word usage in the original languages.

Once you become familiar with how to use the Concordance, it will help you to understand Bible Scripture in it's original form.
Porn addiction can be dealt with. You don't buy the books and magazines, and you don't visit the Web sites. You stay away from the parts of town where you've had access to it. If an image pops into your head, you banish it.

If you forgot to lock up your house and came home to find it robbed, you wouldn't do the same thing again the next day. You'd call the police and file a report. You'd change your locks, and every time you left you'd be sure you locked up. You'd pray every day and every night for God's protection, for Him to send angels to guard your home and your family. You need to do the same thing with this.

A lot of churches have programs for porn addicts, see if there's one in your area. It doesn't have to be the church you go to.

There are Christian forums with rooms just for recovering porn addicts, where you can receive advice and support.

Once you get this under control, I'll bet that you will find your Bible reading to have more of an impact with you.

There might be others on this site who can help you with some good advice on this.
Dear Ps. Gary and Friends,

I'm aware of a verse saying: "And if thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell."
In this case, I would consider the right eye as any media that supports me to doing sin. For instance; (Tishin's right) Websites. And I do it all from a phone browser. Is that mean that I should throw away my phone?! :eek:
Emptying the pulse, uninstalling the browser, locking them and intentionally forget the password... Still don't work.
There are always angel and devil, and myself as the third party, whose voice I can't hardly distinguish... Anyway, thanks a lot for your helps.

May God bless you abundantly.

You are welcome for the words, all christians need encouragment and that is what this site is for...
I really think there is a huge connection here between you not being as interested in the word as you would like, and your addiction.

When we have an addiction to something that is sinful, it only satisfies that old man inside of us, who should be dead, when we are born again, we are to put that man away and become a new creature in Christ.

When we continue to give in to the desires of the flesh that cause us to sin, we get seperated from GOD'S wonderful spirit, and the old man that was in us, overshadows the new, and we want to satisfy the body and not the spirit..

Take care of the addiction first. That is the most important step now, Pray and seek GOD for HIS wonderful guidence to help you, because you cannot overcome it alone, we cannot do anything without our LORD..

Do whatever needs to be done to get rid of that temtation in your life.. Get rid of the computer if you have to, no matter what, do not continue to let that old man in you take control of the new life that you have found in the LORD..

Mathew 18:9
And if thine eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee: it is better for thee to enter into life with one eye, rather than having two eyes to be cast into hell fire.

Always use the word to help you, and to guide you, it will never let you down. Trust in the word and the goodness of the LORD, and ask HIM to remove all sin in your life...

Devote yourself to the LORD and HE will bless you!
...Pray and seek GOD for HIS wonderful guidence to help you...
I'd really love to do that... Even had the Lord said that He would forgive us 70 times 7... Still it's like there are words in my ears that keep telling me how much I have been guilty of this.

I've heard many comforting words that are intended to relieve a bit of my burden, however for me it is a runaway. I want to solve it while there's still time.
Friends, your encouragements mean a lot to me... Thanks again
Those are not just words friend, those nagging, terrible thoughts are of the devil, if he can make you feel like you are not saved, unclean, or not right, he will..

don't let him get to you, let GOD get to you.. ask GOD, cry out to him and give him praise.. He will take care of you, and the devil cannot get to you, when you trust in the LORD.
I will take time think and to start reading Bible and I hope some fellow friends here would support me in prayer, so that I won't fall into the same hole anymore.

God bless this forums. :)
I will take time think and to start reading Bible and I hope some fellow friends here would support me in prayer, so that I won't fall into the same hole anymore.

God bless this forums. :)

Hi Glad, I will pray for you. As for staying away from porn..the best thing you can do is avoid whatever tempts you and pray for God's protection and deliverance. Starting each day by reading one of the Psalms out of the bible would be a good way to get into the Word. The Psalms cover just about every emotion and need. And they are also prayers which constantly implore God for help.

I hope you are in a church and in good Christian fellowship where you will be hearing the Word preached on a regular basis. Many churches now have helpful support groups for those in recovery from various addictions. One in particular is called Celebrate Recovery.

As you gradually let the Holy Spirit fill your heart and mind with the good things of God you will find your temptations decreasing and your interest in God's Word increasing.

peace and prayers,
don't think ur alone, cuz we all struggle, The Lord knows i struggle, you just need to pray and keep turning to God, I struggle w/ lust thoughts sometimes mysel, just pray and pray and pray and God WILL take care o it.
As a matter of fact I was just in a relationship where I was highly tempted to do things I was just not accustomed to and I did not believe in, in the end I had to break up w/ the person cuz I knew the relationship was really not strengthening my relationship w/ God and that’s the most important thing. However I must admit I still have lust thoughts sometimes, the important thing to remember is its when you sin that you need to turn to God the most, don’t ever think you are too “bad,” to come to God to talk because there is no sin that God cannot forgive and I look in the mirror when I tell myself that, lol. So you are not alone, God cares that in your heart you truly want a good relationship with him and sees that and knows it, he understands it and nothing can ever cause him to stop loving his children. So pray, pray and read the word and pray some more. Get rid of the things that tempt you, u may need to get a lock on certain sites on the computer or whatever. I'll pray 4 you and pray 4 me too.
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Hi, check this out, you can get a KJV New Testament on one Audio (MP3) CD for one dollar!

Also pocket new testaments and Bibles.

While cleaning my house i was able to listen attentavily to 4 books of the Bible, when i dont think i have ever read four books in a row! Praise the Lord Jesus!

May God bless, the whole New Testament on one disc for one dollar, God's Word more precious than silver or gold
Glad2KnowHim I had terrible trouble reading God's Word... For my reading was terrible and I just could read it. Then I find the Blue Letter Bible on line and I didn't have to read but Just listen to it :smiley10: It was wonderful because I could follow along as I listen. My reading has improved and I have fallen in love with God's Word. Now I do both read my Bible and listen to it on line.
If you Want to check it out the website is
Just bring the Abbreviations down from the top of the search and pick where you want to go. You can also pick which version you prefer and set it. Now when you go to the chapter you want to read you go down to listen to Audio Bible and when you put your mouse on the arrow it will drop down and you pick which one you want to listen and the is it. I hope this helps Love Jane