Man kills and boils girlfriend, says God told him to do it

This man could be telling the truth, ya know.

His god might have told him to do it. Depends on who this man worships as his god.

My God, our God Almighty, would never demand that this man commit such a horrendous act.

That's why he should have been careful about who he was bowing down to worship.:(
some listen to the spirit through people,from the god of lucifer,some read Gods word.the diffrence is religion.
The more I hear :evil: stuff like this, :sick: the more homesick I become...

Please Lord Jesus, come to pick us up soon...
The more and more we populate the earth, the more evil people we must live with. We must pray for them.
i know jose....but sometimes it is hard..sometimes i feel myself wanting to use violence...i know it is wrong but it is tempting none the the other day i was at taco bell and heard a couple of teenagers mocking god....i couldnt help but the urge to throw a taco at angers me sometimes..
then talk to them and tell them what your country was born from.if they dislike God then go elswhere.
This wouldn't be the first time the Devil has used his cunning ways to decieve the populous into believing he is God
That's what I said, booty-traps!:D

He might have been worshipping something else and calling it god. This is where it got him. This is where this thing that he calls "god" wants him to be, in pain and suffering, in misery.

I think that anything else other than God that wants to be called a god has its own intent and purpose. It wants glory when it doesn't deserve it at all.

Our God, on the other hand, spilled His own Blood for us. That's just glorious. I know Jesus. I know God.:cool: