March For Life Rally 2014 ... Are You Going...? , this link will give you full details of the March for Life Rally this Wed. the 22nd in Washington DC... are you going ...???

March for Life Rally (January 22, 2014)


The annual March for Life Rally is from noon-1pm on January 22, 2014 and as customary, will be on the National Mall. We are planning an exciting line-up of speakers. We will also have a warm up event/concert in the hour leading up to the Rally. More information will be provided as we get closer to the event.

The March will begin immediately after the Rally and follow its route up Constitution Avenue to the Supreme Court Building on Capitol Hill.

Last year there were more than 500,000. people attending in the freezing cold and rain... are you going...?
I live in DC and might be able to make it out...however, I have too much work to fulfill here that I can't take the time at such short notice. I will be praying for all there, all the children who have been aborted, all of the mothers who have already aborted and are struggling with that, and all of the mothers who are conflicted.

This is also considered to be a week of Christian unity, for Protestants, Catholics, Orthodox, and whichever Christians are between.
Lysander you are right, this is a week of Christian unity and January is the month for the unborn... i wish and pray that all people of all religions would see this march as one that is for the defense of the unborn, a child that wants to be born and will contribute to us all in his/her own way... who knows how many that were killed would have been the one to find cures or a healer of the spirit...

We as Christians, and also Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, etc..., except i am sure those who worship satan, all have a duty to protect and do all we can to save lives whether it is to march in mass in protests, or write to the leaders of the country, make phone calls, sit in prayers outside of abortion clinics, of course taking into consideration our personal and family life. How we as a nation and a people of pride went from respecting the sanctity of life and dignity of the individual to a country that justifies the butchering of children just because they are not born yet... i am sure i am asking some hard questions, and as i can see only a Catholic answered my post, and it is Catholics in this battle forefront that keep the banner high of the gospel of our Lord, and of course being targeted by our own government and by groups of self interest... we should be millions marching onto Washington DC with all denominations together at least for this one issue, instead of 500 to 700 thousand of mostly Catholics from many states.