Mark 11 [Jesus in the Temple]

Mark 11 [Jesus in the Temple]

I've read in the children's bible, how Jesus reacted when he saw the Jerusalem temple turned into a dishonest market. Well, He threw everything out, because he says "God said that this temple should be a place where everyone, from every nation could come to pray and worship him. It shall not be turned into a thieves den."

My question is - Shall we do the same when we find our church filled with cheaters and other people who does injustice..... Because i was taught in my Sunday School that whenever we takes an important decision or does an important act we should always think what Jesus would have done in the same situation...may be this reads stupid...but is this what we teach to the young ?????

If Jesus was so worried about the Jewish church/synagogue and considered it holy..then can Christians go to jewish synagogue and pray ???

Why Jesus became violent when he saw a corrupted church...i thought he was a gentle in nature ???? Why didnt he take any peaceful procedure like complaining the local law enforcers about this injustice. What does this event really mean to Christians ???

If the above questions asked are offending, Kindly forgive me and consider it as my inexperience or ignorance......please

These people that you speak of in the Bible were not there to attend church or worship.
They were outside trying to sell their goods for profit on the Holy day!
Indeed Jesus never got angry over personal offense. Only when He saw the Fathers house being desecrated did He take action. Insiders or outsiders His attitude is no different with those who display attitudes of greed and corruption while putting a spiritual face on.