Matt 24: 1,4,11&24

Matt 24: 1, 4, 11& 24

The Apostle Matt has given us a sobering account from the lips of YESHUA that satan will use his powers to deceive the whole world ( Rev 12: 9)
I BELEIVE this deception by satan will be used against those who have accepted Christ as their saviour. Satan has no reason to decieve the ATHIESTS as they already reject Christ and the gospel truth.
YESHUA also tells us many are called but few are chosen ( Matt 22: 14)
I believe God will allow satan to test our loyalty . God did the same with Adam & Eve and God proved they were disloyal to his word and opted for satan's word instead .
God also allowed satan to test job's loyalty and he chose to remain loyal to God and his word.
God also allowed satan to test Christ loyalty on the mountain. Christ chose to remain loyal to his Father's word.
I believe God has allowed satan to test our loyalty to his word too! Only the elect ( Matt 24: 24 ) will remain loyal to God's TRUTH. Many are called to accept God and worship him in spirit & in truth but the majority of Christians will be deceived and their worship is not in accordance with God's word and HIS truth ( John 16:13 & John 17: 17 & Matt 15: 8-9 & Matt 7: 21-23
It is up to us to find the thruth and worship Him in spirit and in TRUTH.
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