Matthew 1:17

Does anyone know the importance of 14 Generations, followed by 14 Generations, followed by 14 Generations from Abraham to Jesus?
"For salvation is of the Jews"
The story of how the blessings of God would come not only
through the faithfulness of Abraham and the child of promise, Isaac,
but also by the Children (nation) of Israel.

14 = 7x2 thus 14+14+14 = 42 which is = 6x7
7 = perfection of God in creation and power etc.
6 = humankind: created on the sixth day
God comes to the Jews (his own) through human form in history
and thus the promises made to Abraham are fulfilled.

Isaac, the child of promise equates to Jesus [Yeshua] being the prophet
of promise - the anointed one - the promised Messiah.