Matthew 8

Matthew 8

Our Bible study group will be studying Matthew 8 this Sunday at the church. So I have been reading the chapter and study guide.

I read the chapter in a dash and summarized it. And I came to realize that Jesus was quite busy helping men. The Bible actually records that he and his disciples didn't even have time to eat. He was that busy.

And I ask myself: how much of Jesus' busyness is because of me? Am I making Jesus busy helping me? How many hours of prayers do I bring to Jesus, making him busy? He was busy helping men when he was walking on foot. He can be even busier now when he is spirit.

If I am not adding to Jesus' busyness, I have nothing to do with Jesus. If I don't bring prayer requests to Jesus time and time again, even many times a day, I am reading Matthew 8 but missing the messages. Woe is me if the prophecy "listen, but don't understand" applies to me!

I want to hear Jesus saying to Moses and Elijah, "Rupert is making me quite busy. And I am glad he is." It will be my prayer for tonight.


PS: I remember how Daniel made the angel busy. Because of Daniel, the angel had to pass the fight with the price of Persia to Michael and come to Daniel. And after the visitation, he had to go back to the fight.
I remember hearing an exerpt from a sermon once that went something like this:

"I wanna life my life in such a way, that when I die, Satan himself rejoice saying "I am so happy that we are finally rid of that trouble maker".
If it were anyone but Jesus they could not handle this mess BUT it is Jesus and I can find my rest in His arms- Hallelujah!