Meaning of Hebrew names of OT books.

Meaning of Hebrew names of OT books.

God's way is so perfect. The pieces of his plan fit together wonderfully in awesome ways. I am not a Hebrew scholar, the bible that I have has a section that gives the Hebrew name of each book of the Old Testament and the meaning of that name. Not only do the meanings give insight to each book, if you put the meanings together into sentences, like I did, it gives meaning to the Bible as a whole.

Genesis - Bere****h - In the Beginning
Exodus - We' elleh Shemoth - Now these are the names
Leviticus - Wayyiqra - And He Called
Numbers - Wayyedabber - And He Said
Deuteronomy - Haddebharim - The Words
Joshua - Yeshua - Yahweh is Salvation
Judges - Shophetim - Judges, Rulers, Saviors
Samuel - Samuel - Heard of God
Kings - Melechim - Kings
Chronicles - Dibere Hayyamin - The Words of the Days
Ezra - Ezra - Yahweh Helps
Nehemiah - Nehemyah - Comfort of Yahweh
Ester - Ester - Star
Job - Iyyob - Repentant One
Psalms - Sepher Tehillim - Book of Praises
Proverbs - Mishle Shelomoh - Proverbs of Solomon
Ecclesiastes - Qoheleth - One Who Addresses an Assembly
Song of Solomon - Sir Hashirim - The Song of Songs
Isaiah - Yeshaiah - Yahweh is Salvation
Jeremiah - Yirmeyahu - Yahweh Sends
Lamentations - Ekah - Ah How
Ezekiel - Yehezke'l - God Strengthens
Daniel - Daniye'l - God is my Judge
Hosea - Hosea - Salvation
Joel - Yo'el - Yahweh is God
Amos - Amos - Burden Bearer
Obadiah - Obadyah - Worshiper of Yahweh
Jonah - Yonah - Dove
Micah - Michayahu - Who is Like Yahweh
Nahum - Nahum - Comfort
Habakkuk - Habaqquq - One Who Embraces
Zephaniah - Tsephan -yah - Yahweh has hidden
Haggai - Haggay - Festive
Zechariah - Zekar-yah - Yahweh Remembers
Malachi - Malaki - My Messenger

This is my humble effort of putting them together in sentences...

In the beginning...
Now these are the names, and he called, and he said, the words, "Yahweh is Salvation".
Judges, Rulers, Saviours, heard of God, Kings.
The words of the days, Yahweh helps, comfort of Yahweh.
Star, repentant one, book of praises, proverbs of Solomon, one who addresses an assembly.
The song of songs, "Yahweh is Salvation".
Yahweh sends, ah how God strengthens.
God is my judge, salvation, Yahweh is God.
Burden bearer, worshiper of Yahweh, Dove.
Who is like Yahweh?
Comfort one who embraces, Yahweh has hidden.
Festive, Yahweh remembers, "My Messenger".


Very nice Don!:D If you use E-Sword there is a module you can install called Hitchcock's Bible Names- I find it a good reference.