I had posted a thread about this before..but I was just wondering what some of you thought about meditation. The Bible says to meditate on Gods word. But I also heard somewhere that meditate actually means to think or ponder. I was doing a meditation-type thing earlier that I learned form this video I watched on wondering if yall think this is bad to do. Because the meditation involved deep breathing--when I was into satanism deep breathing was part of a ritual I did. Just tell me what u think, cuz I dont want to be doing anything detestable to the LORD.
Easter type meditation is to clear ones mind completely from thought and loose all connection with your physical body which can in my experience can lead to demonic activity.
The biblical form of meditation is to study and dwell on God's Word which can indeed only enrich your life in many ways.
The meditation referred to in the Bible means to focus on, consider, ruminate over, contemplate God's ways. Typically it refers specifically to studying Scripture. The point is to learn and apply God's Word, not to achieve some altered state of consciousness or mood. Any exercise which takes on a hypnotic quality should probably be avoided. If the term "centering" is used to describe the result or the purpose of the exercise, it is most likely a new age practice.

You didn't say why you were doing this meditation. Stress relief? Spiritual enlightenment? Hyperoxygenation? Accompanying Ken Nordyne on one of his Word Jazz routines? It might be helpful if we knew just a little more of the specifics.
I believe in meditation.

At times on my job, I had to be present, while my mind could be elsewhere - sometimes for hours at a time (meetings, conferences etc.)

What I did was to tear up an old Bible (shock, gasp)
Then I would slip one page into my pocket and spend up to three hours just focusing on one or two verses. Try making each word the important word of the verse etc. Amazing what I got out of these times.

I am a guy. We were gifted with the ability to tune out to outside influences (wives nagging, babies crying, boss droning on in meeting). Thus, I could focus all my energies on getting something out of scripture - and get paid for doing so. Everyone wins.

But you have to do this for a long time - force yourself to just think of one or two verses - thinking of all the possibilities.

Take "Jesus wept". Wow, Christ cried. Why did he cry - he knew he would raise Lazarus. Was it empathy for Mary and Marthyr. Was it sadness for mankind. Does he still weep? Imagine, God has such powerful emotions - religion for Him is not just a head thing.

I am not into meditation which involves emptying the mind. I believe I spend enough time watching TV.
Praise Christ:jesus-sign::amen::pray::),

They are times I get so flustered,

I sit back and breath in everything of the Holy Spirit that I can, Peace, Comfort, Joy, Soundness of mind, patience.........................................

I breath out what I percieve to be toxic like anxiety, frustrations, confusion...............................

I retreat back to my dream I had many years ago, of being face to face with Jesus, close up were He had Bread on His lips and inside His mouth, then in the next second I was floating in a small body of water... This water was pure, unconditional love as I never knew it upon the earth... This Love substained me floating with no effort of my own...

Then as I breathed in, the air was another form of Love... I wasn't there long... I soon woke up with these sensations in me and all around me...
1:8 This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou
shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to
do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make
thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success.​