Mediterranean Dish

Apr 24, 2007
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Mediterranean Dish

Hey all.
I tried out the meal in the thread Dusty posted called "Worlds Healthiest Diet" Posted here,

Making a dish, without an actual recipe to follow is a challenge, but there is always a way to over come things.
The dish turned out pretty well though actually, though I did do something wrong, I used far too much basil, I was supposed to use fresh basil, but the shop didnt have any, so I had to use dried, big mistake, a teaspoon of dried basil is around a tablespoon of fresh basil, a huge difference.
So here is the recipe, Its very tasty! :D


300g tagliatelle pasta
Small Bag of Pine nuts
Fresh Basil
Olive Oil
Freshly Ground Black Pepper
4 x Fresh Fish Fillet (white fish is good)
Red, Green & Yellow Peppers
Artichokes (optional)


1) Place fresh fish fillets oven at Gas Mark 5 / 190*C / 375*F for approx 30 - 40 mins. (I used Haddock, Very tasty fish, & low in fat).

2) Blend a handful of pine nuts, a handful of basil, 5-6tbsp olive oil, salt & pepper in a blender. (Make sure it is only 1 handful of basil, mine must have been the equivelent of 3 or 4 hand fulls, and I have big hands lol)

3) Bring a large pan of slightly salted water to the boil, and then add the pasta, cook for around 7 - 8 mins, or until ready.

4) Prepare the peppers, dice them quite small and then heat them up. (I did this by putting a little olive oil in a small pan and putting all the peppers in the pan and heating over a medium heat).

5) When pasta is cooked, pour into a collinder, or if you don't have one, drain out the water from the pan leaving just the pasta, pour in the pesto mixture and 3tbsp of pine nuts and toss the pasta until all is mixed up and covered in the mixture.

6) Serve the pasta on each plate.

7) Put the fish fillet on top of the pasta.

8) This is upto you at this point, you can either mix the peppers in with the pasta, or you can put in on top of the meal, like me, giving it a nicely presentationed look.

9) Drizzle a little olive oil over the top and Voila!

10) Eat! :D

Trust me, 75g of the tagliatelle pasta doesn't look much when you weight it out, but it is plenty enough.

So, Enjoy! :)
May 12, 2008
That does sound good; my dh is allergic to pine nuts but you can substitute walnut pieces and get a very similar texture and taste; that goes for pesto as well...thanks for the recipe!


Jul 27, 2007
It is hard to find pine nuts here so thanks worshipper for the substitiute. And when i do find them they are kind of expensive.