Meeting dad

Jul 26, 2015
Hello. So for the past two months I've been talking to/getting to know a guy I met online. Him and I are both devout Christians so that's primarily what's connecting us to each other. This past wkend my dad and his wife (both Christians) hosted a party at their place and I figured I'd invite him to come. I usually don't introduce men to my parents so early but since it was a party I thought it would be fine. Well being that my dad was busy entertaining he wasn't able to sit down and have a convo with him, he only spoke to him for a few minutes and it was in front of others. That was the only real interaction they had. Afterwards I told my dad that my friend enjoyed himself but to my surprise he disagreed and said he thinks he wasn't into the party and that he didn't detect Christ in him but could be wrong. He asked me if I thought he was a real Christian and I said yes and he said ok. It just seems odd for my dad to feel that way about someone he doesn't know who he never had an actual convo with. My best friend thinks he feels that way bcuz my friend didn't respond the way he wanted him to by engaging with him in a back and forth convo about God. But this was my friend's first time mtg my father and it was at a party around ppl he didn't know...if they would have talked privately it prob would have been a diff outcome. My other friends who were there however thought he was a nice guy who would prob be good for me. What are your thoughts??
Sep 7, 2019
North Carolina
Christian parents have SPIRITUAL intuitions, which sometimes only take a few seconds to kick in. Chances are your dad is right. I have two daughters 30 and 35. It took us years of mistakes to enjoy our shared wisdom. They now can give me great dating advice, as Im the one who needs it. Their father passed, so be thankful your dad can put his two cents in.

I will pray for you; God will lead you in the right direction when you follow him.