Mike from NJ

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Mike from NJ

Hi, I am Mike and I am 25. Right now I live in NJ, I moved back here from Florida about 3 yrs ago. I work for Continental Expressjet as an Aviation Tech. I have recently recieved Jesus into my life and would just like to share experiences with other christians and learn more.
Howdy Mike!

Welcome to the forum.

Say, I wonder, have you found a healthy strong church yet?

If you have, would you please share with me what made you feel like you belonged there?

What took place that made you feel comfortable?

....Just curious. :)

yes I have been going to the same church for about 4 yrs. Its an Evangelical free church. I have been going there and slowly God has been working in my life but just recently the light has been shown to me. Now I understand. The church is very family orinentated and they have plenty of Bible classes, activities and mission trips. I have always felt at home there. But I never really met anyone in the church family till now. I have been meeting up with a family that is very strong in God's word and we have been spending time just going over the Bible. I have also been attending a Bible study at night at the church as well. Thanks for the interest. It's nice to meet you.
Welcome to the Site, Mike. Why would anyone want to leave Florida? :D I LOVE it here and have no intention of leaving. I certainly don't want to go back up to the frozen north. :eek:
Hey, I am not sure where Hudson, FL is, but I lived in the Panhandle in Fort walton beach. There is not a whole alot to do there. Plus getting a steady job is scarce there. Overall I had a good time for the time I was there. I miss it sometimes
Woah! Mike, fellow North Jerseyan Christian!

I think I know what Church you're talking about, too. Is it St John's Evangelical Lutheran Church?

Welcome to the board.


Ft. Walton!!! I'm sure you know about Superwow then right? I don't know if you are Baptist but it is a huge Baptist Teen convention..

They usually have live bands, amazing worship, Awesome preaching.. etc..

I've been going to the one on Jekyll Island but I heard that the one at Ft. Walton is much better.. :(

All well. I'm from Georgia so there you go.. :p

Anyway Welcome to the forum!
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