Mind Control

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Hi @Abdicate,

I will indeed consider your responses carefully. However I do not believe you have done so in regard to my own, for you have read into it what is not there.

I will leave this with you.
In Christ Jesus
As did you, dear one. We point the finger at others and yet do the same thing.
The message burns through the messenger first, and then the message is delivered.
When the Holy Spirit is allowed to indwell our very innards, we have become one with Him, in Him, by Him, for Him. We are quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to wrath.
This happens wholeheartedly serving Him and forsaking all else.

As a little child... a little speaks only truth. "Mommy, that man is really fat!" However, Because a child blurted forth and not an adult, the fat man reaction is quite reserved thou the Truth did pentrate his very core.
Well the child has no respector of persons, and, we adults, begin destroying the spiritual and training the carnal from the moment they lay the bundle in our arms.
" Now Joey, that's not nice, apologize to that man."
Instead of teaching children to become more like us, We need to become more like them and be Christ like... trusting in One, who knows all and knows we have need of these things.
All praise, glory and honor be unto God Amen


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