Minister Skips Church to Golf

Minister Skips Church to Golf

I read this joke in a local publication...if it's been posted before, sorry...

One Sunday morning, a minister woke up and threw his curtains open to the most beautiful day he had ever seen!

"I wish I could go golfing today instead of church!" he exclaimed as he got dressed for the day.

Outside, the birds were singing and children were laughing. Eventually, he gave in and called the church..."I'm sick today, have someone cover for me."

Then he went golfing.

His guardian angel hovered nearby and watched, becoming angry. He reported to God: "God, this man of You has sinned and skipped church today! I think you should punish him!"

God agreed.

As the angel watched, the minister got a hole in one!!!

"I thought you were going to punish him!?" the angel said.

"Well," God said..."he skipped church today. Just think about it...who's he gonna brag to?":eek:


:dance::dance::dance::dance::dance: Good one Whirlwind....Ha ha