Miracle Healing

I have not been on this forum for a while now, but in the last 18 months, myself and my family have been through an incredible time of testing. Really hectic stuff, but one particular event really revealed God's love and power.

My daughter, was diagnosed early 2010, as special needs. She has something called verbal dyspraxia which in a nutshell means she cannot speak. In September last year she went for a simple EEG, but they needed to sedate her sightly so they could do the procedure (she was three at the time). The Neuro Paed prescribed a sedative which our local chemist made up.

The morning of the procedure went well, but later in the day my wife phoned me saying that our daughter had yet to wake up. She phoned me about five minutes later saying that my daughter was convulsing in her sleep and was starting to vomit. She rushed her to hospital.

When I arrived at the hospital, all I saw was my daughter lying on the table with pipes all over and doctors and nurses rushing arround. One doctor was telling my wife there was nothing more they could do. This is when I found out that the sedative which had been given to my daughter was made up incorrectly and she had been given 100 times the dose, which was ten times the lethal dose for an adult. We found out later that the Pharmacist had used the wrong scale to weigh the medicine off.

The doctors told us that they had no way of reversing the drug and there was nothing more they could do. I cannot tell you what you feel inside when a doctor tells you, basically your daughter will probably die.

I have never prayed so hard in my life, we had all our freinds praying with us. We had our daughter moved to another hospital and she was admitted to the high care unit. All they could do was put her on a drip and oxygen. We sat and watched the life support instruments, watching her heart rate and blood oxygen levels. This is where the miracle started. The doctors said the drug would eventually supress her breathing to a point where it would stop, but her heart rate and oxygen levels remained constant. Three hours later she opened her eyes. She wanted water and then went back to sleep.

14 hours later she was wide awake and bouncing up and down on the hospital bed. Absolutely no side effects!

The doctors and nurses where amazed. She truely is a living testimony of a miracle from God.

Only the power of Jesus Christ kept her alive!

When all hope fails, when daylight turns dark, when man in all his wisdom fails, God is there, He brings hope to the hopeless, He works miracles for His glory, He shows His love. He confounds the wise, He breaks the darkness with His glorious light.

May all the glory, honour and praise go to the one and only God, Jesus Christ.
That's very encouraging (your perseverance in prayer and your daughter's life's testimony). We serve an Awesome God!!
More good news this week.

After being diagnosed "special needs" late in 2009, all her therapists and specialists doubted very much that she would ever be able to go to a normal school.

This week she was accepted into a normal school, starting in June this year!!!

God is good, He is all powerful and He can overule any doctor.
To God be the glory, great things He has done! Concerning your daughters miraculous deliverance/healing.. And also that she's going to a regular school! She's a miracle child. \0/
To God be the glory, great things He has done! Concerning your daughters miraculous deliverance/healing.. And also that she's going to a regular school! She's a miracle child. \0/

Miracle child is a perfect discription. Jesus has a plan for her, that is for sure.

She has gone through so much in her short life, and taught us so much. I find it amazing that her testimony is actually already starting to reach the unsaved. Unsaved people who have seen her progress are now starting to comment on her progress and ask "how can this be?"
My wife has been asked to give her testimony about my daughter to various womens groups.
We are being exposed to other parents with special needs children (I never knew there are so many) and we telling them the good news that Jesus heals.

May God be glorified!