I've had a rough week, but it's ending better than can be imagined. My mother was in the hospital with internal bleeding. It appeared to be progressively getting worse. This is of course a life-threatening condition and in with her health as is, surgery to correct it probably would have killed her, too.

I make these decisions and it was awful!!!!! I knew no matter what I did, if things got worse, I would always think maybe if I had chosen the other option things would have turned out alright.

But we had a lot of people praying and suddenly the bleeding and vomitting stopped. That evening and the next morning (yesterday) she appeared comfortable and was sent back to the nursing home. It was a miracle!!! The bleeding had been prgressively getting worse and then suddenly stopped.

My van window also got broken, but I was able to get it fixed the same day (yesterday) for under $250!!!! More remarkably, I had the money to pay and still have gas money for my trip!

Now I am going with the kids to Wisconsin to visit my best friend on a free hotel stay!!!! lol

I hope you all have a great weekend!

Such good news of your mother. I tell people all the time that God is STILL in the healing business and is the Great Physician. I just say Praise The Lord for your mother and for your good fortunes as well. God Bless.