Has anyone thought they had experienced a miracle of God or Christ? Ive heard about alot of stories of various micarles, apparations of Mary and Jesus, crying statues, bleeding statues and alot of other things that are just amazing to hear. I made this thread because awhile ago I had the most awesome experience of my life and I believe it was Jesus coming to me..heres the story...

I was sitting in my room a few days ago and I had a really depressed feeling, kinda like the 'I am having a really bad day feeling' but I felt like I was having this feeling for no reason at all. I started to pray with my eyes closed to Jesus to make me feel better, to put me in a better mood, to come to me and touch my body and soul and to heal it from what I was feeling. I prayed for about 10 minutes straight when all the sudden I felt an overwhelming feeling of happiness and I began to cry. With my eyes still closed, I could see an outline illuminated of someone and my body had a really happy but strange, like a warm feeling. The outlined figure reached its hand out to me and I can see as if it were touching my chest..its hand looked very clear and glowing. As soon as it touched my chest I felt it happen and I felt another but this time stronger warmness shoot throughout my body originating from my chest. After this happened and was over I said Amen and ended the prayer. I was in alot better of a mood afterwards thats for sure. It was the most amazing experience of my life and i will never forget it.

Well, if any of you had a miracle happen to you or know of someone who has..post it up! :)
Thanks for sharing!
Miracles do exist, today!

I may have told this story already.

My husband was diagnosed with cancer almost 4 years ago.
It was melanoma which is the fastest spreading and most fatal of all cancers.
We were devastated....got the phonecall while my husband was driving to work.
To shorten the story, after many tears, hysterics and prayers, I found my husband out back alone.

I wanted to be with him and went to join him.
In awe, I yelled out to him, "Honey, look up!".

Over his head were about 20 sparrows flying in a circle.
God spoke to me that day and told me my husband would be healed.

He did have many horrible xrays but they all proved no cancer had spread even though he had had it 2 years!
He had surgery to remove the cancer and was completely healed!
They only had to take 1 lymphnode from his armpit which is very unusual as they usually take them all.

He has a big scar but that is just a reminder of God's love, power, greatness, mercy and awesomeness!
Miracles are real I have seen many- apparations are real too but not all are from God- Mary cannot answer prayer or appear as there is a void fixed between the living and the dead- be careful what you allow into your heart brother-
I have no doubt that you were touched by Jesus- as you learn to go deeper into your relationship with Him the supernatural becomes natural !