Mis/part reading

Sometimes I either misread a word or perhaps see two words on different lines of text as being together, etc. that have me puzzled and occasionally amused...

This morning I saw a plastic bottle of Lughole Treatment in the kitchen and was puzzled. I'm not sure if "lughole" is used outside the the UK but it is slang for "ear" so I thought it's an odd word to choose for a product but must be for ear wax or something... But even then it seemed wrong - I'd expect a small bottle with a dropper, not say roughly 500ml or a pint of the stuff.

On picking the bottle up, I found it was called Plughole and Sink Treatment.

Anyone else do this sort of thing?
Oddly enough, I had to read that twice myself because "Lughole" wasn't the word that my mind interpreted when I first read this. I'll leave it to your imagination what I read since it's inappropriate for a Christian forum.