Mistakes that ruined the relationship. Maybe?

Mistakes that ruined the relationship. Maybe?

Weeks ago my girlfriend and I made a huge mistake and had sex. We are both christian and feel terrible. We have since split up to focus all we have on God. I feel Alone when im with her and not even interested in kissing her or touching her anymore. Does anyone know of any Verses in the bible that will help me and her with our delima. I love this girl to death and it breaks my heart on what we did. (she feels the same). If you have any suggestions please say so, We could use the Prayer.

Thank you and God bless
Maturity as a person and maturity in your spirit and your walk with God are the only things that will really help. But, I wonder about the breaking up part. If it is because you want to focus everything on God, truely, then I can understand that. But you say that you feel alone when you are with her and you are no longer interested in any physical affection. That really concerns me. Sin enters into our lives in a number of ways, but you can't let it drag you down with it. Guilt and sadness can be overwhelming, but now you have another human that you care very much for that you associate with your sin and your failure. Repentance is good, guilt is actually good.

If you are mature enough, you should still be able to hang out, just avoid being alone together for a while. Maybe try group dating, it's antiquated in many ways, but there are many advantages to growing Christians. You still get to be close, get to know each other better, but avoid the pressures that inevitably lead to further temptation.

I'd say the relationship is at a point wherein you make a decision -- either commit or move on. Instead of feeling horrible about it, you should be praying together about what happened, what it means, and what the definition of your relationship is in God's eyes.

You have to have faith that God has a specific plan for your lives, and that most of all includes what other people are involved. If you have reservations about something, learn how to trust God, even if his thinking seems to be going beyond your own.

M Paul