More chalk drawings...

Jasher, this is soooo awesome. Is there a way you can help me forward this site to someone? I don't know if you can forward it to my email address if I were to pm it to you, or if it's possible to copy it. I'm not a computer friendly kinda person. :D My email is with yahoo.
I am sure that Jason will reply but until then you could ask your friends to look at the site Jason gave us.

Just go there and in your web browser you will find the site address. I note the site address does not have www in it so do not make the easy mistake of adding that when you copy the URL

Hope that helps


Ohhhhh:D:D:D How come it works today and didn't the other day. Maybe because it's Mother's Day ..... woooo - hooo..... Thanks Larry II:cool::cool:
My brother can draw like that...I've always been jealous of that talent. I'm happy making stick figures if whatever I want to show, hee hee:D


D I happen to be the only one in my family without any real artistic ability. My mom was legally blind and show would take a picture put her face right on it and paint a masterpiece. Oh well I will have to stick with mechanical drawing!:p