most like

most like

I thought an interesting question/poll would be ..

If you examine your life ,and compare your personality etc; to someone from the Bible who would it be ??

I most identify with the sinful woman in Luke 7, that wept on jesus' feet ,dried them w/ her hair and then annointed them w/ perfume.[ That's the reason I chose the signature I did when I became a member here].
I would be paul the apostle, when he's blind. I think God's touched me and he's preparing me for the great commission. There's still a long way to go!!
I would like to be like Paul - he thought he could see but God had to make Him blind for him to really see- I want to lay my life down for Jesus , I want God to use me to exhort the brethren, I want to know Christ and His fullness and beauty but I guess I am still stuck at that "O wretched Man that I am" stage- the spirit is willing but this rotting flesh is sometimes so weak.
I've seen myself described in many of the people of scripture but first found myself described in proverbs. I was the "he" a slave to the lust for women.

Pro 7:22 He goeth after her straightway, as an ox goeth to the slaughter, or as a fool to the correction of the stocks;
Pro 7:23 Till a dart strike through his liver; as a bird hasteth to the snare, and knoweth not that it is for his life.
Pro 7:24 Hearken unto me now therefore, O ye children, and attend to the words of my mouth.
Pro 7:25 Let not thine heart decline to her ways, go not astray in her paths.
Pro 7:26 For she hath cast down many wounded: yea, many strong men have been slain by her.
Pro 7:27 Her house is the way to hell, going down to the chambers of death.

Then as the prodigal son after 14 years of leaving the the father for the pleasure of the world and returning to find Him so willing to accept me back.

A Berean, because of my desire to personaly take every thing I'm told to scripture to see if it is true.
Amos, because I feel that I have been given a message to give to the lost of His people, in the church.
I have had several "Peter" moments both before and after Pentecost. but mostly before.:rolleyes:
And as you can see now I feel most like "Theophilus"' simply because that name so simply expresses my feelings tward Godand because of the gospel writers I relate so well to lukes account . It is as though Luke is writing to me personaly in his account of the Gospel.
Good question. I would have to say one of the apostles. Not because I feel that I'm closer to God or part of the special group of 12, but because Christ asked them so many times, "Do you not understand?" I sometimes feel pity for the disciples that their ignorance is preserved for thousands of years and they're mistakes are often put on display for us to read and think, "How could they do that? Christ is in agony and they still fall asleep while He asks them to pray? I wouldn't do that..."

Then I realize that I fall short of his demands all the time and that I make the exact same mistakes they made. Christ is just as real in my life as He was in theirs, and I still think He looks at me and says, "Do you not understand?" The disciples were constantly learning from their mistakes and I like to think that I do, too. Fortunately, my miscues aren't recorded for the rest of mankind to disect. :D
I still think I would like to be like Paul but I am also leaning towards John- he is the one who always rested his head on Jesus chest- staying close and hearing His heartbeat- that is the kind of relationship I want with my Lord.
I am the disciple who cut off the Roman Soldier's ear when they arested Jesus. I do falty acts and try to justify them.
Join the club Paddelford I'm the local president:D

For sure! His personality mirrors mine, or vice-versa, which ever! I'm the person who would talk out of turn("Let's pitch tents and stay here forever, Jesus" - Mount of Transfiguration), be pridefull "Oh no, not me Jesus! I would NEVER deny you... - Last supper), move out of God's timing(chopping the Centurian's ear off - Garden of Getseminy), and yet have a really, really soft heart for Him ("Who do people say that I am?; "You are Jesus, the Mesiah, the Son of God!) I love the idea that I can mess up so badly I can't even immagine ever being forgiven again and yet He knows the real me, He knows my heart and forgives and blesses me anyway! I heard someone preaching once about His coming back to see the disciples after the resurection and how He told the messenger "Go tell the disciples AND PETER...". The message that was preached was that Peter must of felt like so bad about his denial of Jesus and because Jesus loved him so, He made sure that Peter knew through that little phrase that he had been forgiven!