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I was asked to post a bit of my writing. If this is not the proper place for it, I apologize in advance, and humbly ask to be corrected.
I hope you enjoy this piece.
Thank you.

The Publican and The Pharisee
as retold by The Barrd

Two men went to the synagogue
To offer up their prayers to God
Men as different as could be
A publican and a Pharisee
And as they went along their way
The Lord did listen to them pray


The Pharisee looked up with pride
"Thank You, Lord" he loudly cried
"For I am a man among the best
Separated from the rest
I am better than most other men
Even than this publican"

The publican fell to his knees
"Lord, have mercy on me, please!
For my sin I bear the blame
Oh, Lord, I cannot hide my shame!
Forgive a sinner such as I!
Oh, Lord, I beg You, hear my cry"

Which prayer, then, did the Good Lord hear
Which heart the Holy One hold dear?
Who went back down to his place
Justified before God's face
"Humble yourself", the Savior said
For the Lord will raise the humble head

I do love Jesus' parables. Don't you?
It's a bit of a challenge to set them to verse...a good way to stretch my writer's muscles.
One of my favorites is The Parable of The Good Samaritan.

The Parable of The Good Samaritan.
as retold by The Barrd

Part I

There, along the Jericho road

He traveled all alone

Without friend or companion

Completely on his own

Oblivious, he traveled toward

A vicious, evil fate

For up ahead, with greedy plan

Wicked men did wait

Steep hills surrounded every side

Along the winding way

And as he passed beneath their lair

They leaped upon their prey

They beat him, and they robbed him

From many wounds he bled

His cries for help unanswered

They left him then for dead

Part II

Another traveler happened by
A man of priestly bearing
Who heard the piteous, helpless cry
While to the city faring
"I cannot help this man," he though
"Not for God's Holy Name
Blood upon my priestly robes
Why, it would be a shame!"
So he left him lying there
Defenseless, unprotected
Until a Levite came that way
A revered man and respected
"I cannot stop and offer aid
I haven't got the time!
Besides, it just might compromise
The office that is mine!"

Part III

And so they left him all alone
With no hope of survival
Until a Samaritan came along
A despised and hated rival
He saw the victim lying there
And felt, within his breast
A glimmer of God's loving care
And so he gave his best
He soothed the man; he bound his wounds
With oil and with wine
He said, "Sir, ride upon my beast
All that I have is thine"
He took him to him to a local inn
And tended him with care
He saw to each and every need
Before he left him there

Part IV

Who was a neighbor to this man?
And which one was a friend?
Now go and do thou likewise
Unto thy journey's end
Listen to the Lord's command
Heed His loving call
He has blessed His children
With love for one and all
Do not walk life's highway
Filled with earthly greed
But be prepared to lend a hand
When you see someone in need
If you would be with Jesus
The heavenly stair ascend
Treat each man as your brother
And each man as your friend​
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And since at least a few are enjoying these parables, I have a couple more for you today.
My very favorite parable is the beautiful story of the prodigal son. I think it is the favorite of a lot of people.
My retelling is a bit long...but I think you will find it worth the read.

The Parable of The Prodigal Son
as retold by The Barrd

Part I

The Son

The pleasures of the flesh are calling

His young heart stops to listen

A siren song his ears enthralling

A dream of lips that glisten

A little wine to ease his heart

A little song to make him merry

Arms that open, thighs that part

His misgivings he will bury

His passion and his money spent

He awakens all alone

No swaying breasts, no flashing hips

His companions all are gone

"Why?" he cries to cold deaf ears

He's homeless, cold and hungry

"No one cares, no one hears

The city is heartless and lonely!"

He thinks of the family he left behind

He thinks of the hearts he left broken

What kind of welcome could he find

When no goodbyes were spoken?

And now, with nowhere else to go

His thoughts toward home keep turning

To face a future he doesn't know

At the prodigal's returning.

Part II

The Father

He sits at the window, a broken man

Forgotten, gray and old

Remembering the touch of a tiny hand

As memory grows cold

Listening in silent dread

As if all hope were gone

For the old familiar tread

The old familiar song

Oh, where, oh where is the little boy

Where my darling one?

What happened to the boundless joy

My precious, long lost son?

Has he forgotten home and family

Now that he is grown?

The father's love, the mother's kiss

Has he left us all alone?

Noisy rooms gone quiet now

No need to shout, "Behave!"

No merry laughter, no prayers to hear

All is quiet as the grave.

Is he lost? Or is he dead?

Oh, how his heart is yearning!

His deepest, his most earnest prayer

For the prodigal's returning.

Part III

The Homecoming

There, on the deserted road

A figure walks alone

Bent as if by a heavy load

His weary steps toward home

And, there, in the window, a head comes up

And unbelieving tears

Come coursing down the withered cheek

Forgotten, the bitter years

"Father!" comes the timid voice

"My son!" the joyous cry

"My lost child, you're home at last!

A happy man am I!"

"My Father, I am sorry

For all the wrong I've done"

"My child, all is forgiven.

Welcome home, my son!"

The hillside echoes their joyous cries

As angels dance about the pair

They look into each other's eyes

And see the love reflected there

Forgotten, all the lonely years

Forgotten, temptation's burning

Forgotten, the sorrow; forgotten, the tears

At the prodigal's returning.

Part IV

The Jealous Brother

"Now, let us kill the fatted calf!

And let the guests arrive!

For he who was lost is now found

He who was dead, alive!"

Now, as the feast was carried out

With generous libation

With merry laughter, joyous shouts

And wondrous celebration

Another son, in agony

Was watching, all alone

"My father has forgotten me

Me, his loyal son."

"My son, my son", his father said

"Come, now, let's rejoice!

For he's alive, who once was dead!

Now, hearken to my voice!"

"For him you kill the fatted calf

For me, what have you done?"

"Why, everything I have is yours

My faithful, loving son."

He wouldn't see, he wouldn't hear

His heart, with jealous churning

Would not accept his father's joy

At the prodigal's returning.

Part V

The Moral

And now, in sorrow, our Father waits

And watches from above

As we follow the wicked siren's song

His heart breaks with His love

We chase our golden idols

We ignore His broken plea

We follow after every lust

Our hearts cannot be free

With ears gone deaf, and eyes gone blind

Allured by worldly pleasure

We close our hearts, we close our mind

Upon our greatest Treasure

The feast is ready, He paid the price

He extends a loving hand

Will we accept His sacrifice?

Oh, will we understand?

And will we share His happiness

As the lost ones stumble home?

Or seethe with inward bitterness

And wander off, alone?

He stands before the open gates

His heart, with patient yearning

And so our Father sadly waits

For the prodigal's returning.

I took a few liberties with the Parable of the Sower.

Saga of a Tiny Seed

as retold by The Barrd

The Sower came, scattering His Seed
And a tiny Seed fell from His Hand
Fell in a rather desperate place
A hard, and a rocky land

The Seed sent its roots down and down
Pushing through much heavy toil
Pushing through the rocks and stones
Till, finally, it found fertile soil

A tender Plant began to grow
Tiny shoots began to appear
But soon it was smothered with many Weeds
Called Lust and Greed, named Doubt and Fear

They struggled for space on that rocky ground
For water and sunshine and air
And soon the Plant began to grow tall
And to crowd out the Weeds of Despair

But as soon as Buds began to show
And the Plant began to thrive
A terrible drought turned the green to brown
Soon the Plant was barely alive

Again the roots reached down and down
Till they came to a Living Fountain
The plant became nourished by the Water of Life
And grew strong upon God's Mountain

Now there is a Mighty Tree
Where once was a desolate place
Weary travelers are welcomed to rest in it's shade
And to share there in God's Loving Grace

By His Word

By His Word, there came forth great Power and Might
By His Word, He brought forth darkness and light
By His Word, there were rivers and sweet flowing fountains
By His Word, there were fields and glorious mountains
By His Word, He brought forth the stars in their courses
By His Word, there were daisies, and children, and horses
By His Word, He brought forth the wind and the sea
By His Word, all the universe came to be
By His Word, He sent His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord
To heal us, and to save us, by His Holy Word

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Very nice, indeed. On behalf of the staff at CFS, thank you for sharing.

P/S - Are any of your works copywrited? If so, you may wish to include the standard Copyright clause after each of your posts... such as:

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Very nice, indeed. On behalf of the staff at CFS, thank you for sharing.

P/S - Are any of your works copywrited? If so, you may wish to include the standard Copyright clause after each of your posts... such as:

Copyright © 20__, Insert Your Name or Publisher Here, All Rights Reserved.

We just want to have your works protected if you have a copyright protocol that you follow elsewhere.


Thank you very much, Pastor Gary.
Yes, everything I have posted is under copyright.
In fact, you can find these poems and more in my books, which you can find at Amazon, under Deborah Anne Barrd.
I do enjoy sharing what God has given to me...
From now on, when I post something new, I'll try to remember to include copyright information.

Thanks again, and may God bless you!
The House of The Lord

Come, come, come to the House of The Lord
Keep His Holy Sabbath, listen to His Word
Put on thy Holy Armor, take up thy Shield and Sword
Renew thy faith before you go to face a wicked world
Gird thyself for battle, prepare thyself for war
The enemy is at the gates, the fighting rages sore
Look well to thy Captain, trust in His loving care
Thy strength is in His mercy, thy battle-cry is prayer
Be as bold as a lion, but as gentle as a dove
For what can separate you from The Lord's abiding love
No weapon formed against God's children ever can prevail
We will stand firm within His love which can never fail
In His Holy Temple we will meet with one accord
Come, come, come to the House of The Lord

© Deborah Anne Barrd 2005
all rights reserved​