Movie titles that make you laugh


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Movie titles that make you laugh

Movie titles that make you laugh :mrgreen: . i got this idea from another forum.

Meet the Fockers :-D
Fockers is a play on a word that can't be used. Also, what little I saw of the movie proved it in my opinion.

Let's see funny movie titles...
Head (a Monkees movie). This title gives you no clue about anything concerning the movie or who's in it... nothing. The movie also flopped at the box office. :lol:
Got To Be

'Big Momma'!:D

Hands down for me!:p

Martin Lawrence is a very talented and gifted comedian as well as an
actor! I wish his comedy would clean up more though! :eek:

Peace Be Unto You All,


Steel Magnolia's ???????? :rolleyes:

Isn't that 'flick' about 'lesbian' relationships brother? :eek:

Just playin' bro.! :D

I don't think movie titles make a person 'laugh', smile maybe. :)

How about 'Uncle Buck', the edited version? :D

Peace Be Unto You All,

Sean Castle
Attack of the Killer Tomatos :D

That one is only kinda funny if you sing with the theme song tune.

I have a little story about this particular title, and I think it's kinda funny. I was walking in Wal-Mart a year or so ago, I guess, and anyway, I was going through the produce department. There was an older man stocking the tomatos and one of them fell off of the display and rolled right in front of me. Well, I quietly "sang" the title of the movie ("Attaaaack of the Killer Tomaaatooos"), and then, I noticed the man was laughing. He had heard me, and I really didn't intend for him to. Anyway, I handed him the tomato, and it was all over and done. The End!

Funny titles: I can't really think of one, but sorry I birdwalked. :eek:

Bean :D :D :D