In many countries in the West there is a debate about Multiculturalism. Some people see it as a good thing that enriches people’s lives with difference experiences and should be fully embraced. Others feel a sense of fear of losing their culture and their cultural identity. I think this shows that there are both good and bad things about multiculturalism.

One of the things I like about multiculturalism is bringing in new ‘foreign’ foods. Some of them have an inviting smell that waters the mouth. They are ‘foreign’ to the local scene but this doesn’t make them attractive to people.

When we start to follow Jesus we enter the kingdom of God. We are no longer ‘strangers and aliens’ (Eph 2:19) to God’s people but are part of God’s family. Then we become ‘citizens of heaven’ rather than this world, and therefore are ‘aliens’ in this world.

For some our ‘being foreign’ (or ontoxenos) will be a negative thing. Jesus’ died for our sins because none of us are ‘good enough’. Some people get offended with the idea of not being good enough. When we live out a life that truly knows we aren’t good enough to earn God’s love and just receive God’s love because he is love, this can offend some people.

On the other hand, if we truly live out loving one another as Jesus as loved us, then this will be attractive to others. When we truly live out a Christ centred community people will be attracted to this.

It makes me wonder how much I contribute to this sort of community. Where do I do this? How can I help this happen?

It also makes me wonder ‘how do others see my community’? Do they think it is loving? Do they think it is attractive?

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I liked your comment. Having lived in 7 different countries and visited 46, I am well versed in multiculturalism; I even married a Spaniard. I find that people are afraid of the unknown most of the time and as such they tend to shy away from things (or people) that are different. I'm not afraid to ask people who have a slight accent where they're from to help break the ice (they too are cautious). We are all one in Christ and we'll be together for eternity so we might as well get started down here! :D
Indeed! I agree with Abdicate. In essence we are all of one blood. So even in the world it is often only a matter of perception (also there are beliefs of superiority/inferiority and so on). Christ is a great opportunity to tear down the obstacles that separate. The French poets say we should celebrate the differences. I am one who loves the variations. I come from one of the two most integrated cities on the planet, the home of both Harvard and MIT. It was an exciting place to be brought up (the other allegedly the capital of Venezuela). My friends growing up were from all different ethnicities and cultures and in the end I married a Filipina (myself being European). The great thing about Christianity is we do not really have a "culture" like the Jewish people, Muslims, or Hindus...we have no specific dress or key food restrictions, etc.

Xenophobia could hold you back but being loving is not something forced or faked otherwise it is mere diplomacy. Secondly, there are always going to be situations and individuals (even in and from your own culture) that can make one uncomfortable or even fearful at times...but love conquers all fear. You start in your family and immediate neighborhood and friends circle and work your way is also a good platform but there everyone is (hopefully) trying to be at their best...the real world is the test and the training ground.

brother Paul
Down with ethnocentrism and up with multiculturalism!

I love mexican food, but can't imagine eating it everyday. Sometimes I want to eat some italian, chinese, japanese, russian, romanian, not french, or even filipino food. What does ethnocentrism have to say about that?
Though I can resonate with you quickly to enjoy exotic cuisines and engage non-compulsory anti-ethnocentralistic sensitivity, which also provides us all opportunity to shine the love of Christ to all people regardless of culture, creed, race or gender; may I offer additional perspective for how Satan will often utilize good for evil?

Is it possible that non-compulsory multiculturalism in its contextual terminology can be adventurous, peaceful and benign; yet can we also ask what is the empirical manifestation of multiculturalism when it is managed into place using arbitrary law from those who wish for authoritarian gains?

For multiculturalism in its simple terminological definition in the confines of liberty can be good, if it rests upon a proper ethical substrate of natural rights theory from Genesis, the non-aggression principle, and Gods delegation of property. Shall this method upon liberty then perpetuate unto peace, discovery and interactive participation unto great gains as each culture freely interacts to trade and fellowship; yet multiculturalism in the confines of socialism, communism and brutish forced policies shall lead to immeasurable violence, countless innocent deaths, and maturing despotism. For no compulsory politician will make anything fair, nor is it scripturally moral for them to do so.

For a compulsory policy of culture, then forced upon another culture, removes liberty from all cultures, then replacing all culture/faith/values with the Godless State, which uses a consequentialist ethic of violence. Shall the scientific utilitarian crush all things in the church, only to replace it with arbitrary authority which eradicates the faith.

Shall Christians be wise to support normative ethics from scripture, but also rise to a peaceful and bold stance against despotism when it formulates a strategy to steal, kill and destroy the innocent.

Shall individual liberty in the confines of Gods delegated state of nature offer us the freedom to engage the mandate of evangelism from scripture. Shall each pastor then preach with conviction from the heart freely, as no soldier from the State will be standing nearby to approve what is said in the name of cultural fairness.
Well put GF but I do not think anyone dared venture the prospect of legislating "Multiculturalism"...almost all legislations of the godless State lead eventually to tyranny of one form or another...
Well put GF but I do not think anyone dared venture the prospect of legislating "Multiculturalism"...almost all legislations of the godless State lead eventually to tyranny of one form or another...

A perfectly understandable point Brother Paul, I only wish to add perspective, and mean no criticism to any person.

Also to unfortunate realities, your second point is unremittingly true