muslims teach on apes and pigs

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It's terrible how islam is brainwashing it's followers, just look at the rule of that a muslim is not allowed to show doubt in their beliefs and if they would do, they would stand in the line of wrath of their ''God'' without a chance of repentance.
Lets say that rule would never have had existed, I do not think there would have been many followers of Islam in that case, everyone would realize how the religion is entirely based on threats.

It is outrageous how they can go completly furious at others for being disrespectful against their religion while they can do whatever they wish against us without anyone lifting a finger.
They say that we are all prejudice and full of hate in the west, but how come then that they gaze at us with despise and intend to commit deeds killing a massive amount of people of us? It's all hypocrisy.