My 10 year old daughter~


My 10 year old daughter~

She was on her slip and slide out back when a neighbor boy wanted to join her.
She said to him, all on her own,
"Let your parents know that I am going to put something over my bathing suit if you are allowed to play."
Such wonderful innocent wisdom.
Very true but the raising is the biggest part of that godly attitude. You two must be very good parents. :)

I so agree!!:smile_anim::smile_anim: Not to mention that kids usually practice what they see not just what they hear! So, again, way to go Violet!


As the dad of three daughters I know the effort it takes to teach modesty and an understanding of God's beautiful purpose for our bodies. It appears that you are off to a great start! Keep up the good work. My oldest daughter just married two weeks ago. She has been a wonderful example and has even taught her younger sisters about modesty.