My 2-Year Testimony

Oct 8, 2019
I wanted to write my personal testimony for the world to hear, as God greatly deserves all the praise, and I want others to be inspired to build their own relationship with God. As well as to trust that prayer does in fact work, what I'm about to write is proof of the effect it has had in my life. I was afraid of posting this here because I know not everyone will agree with my beliefs or trust the experiences I've had to be real. However, I want others to see just how important faith is, and the things God has done in my life in less than 2 years. I fought to be where I am today, and I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for God saving my life. Enjoy the read everyone!

On new years day 2018 I broke up with my most recent ex-boyfriend. It was enough to throw me into a traumatic state of my life where depression consumed everything I did, thought, or said. I wasn't following my faith at this time either. I wasn't raised to attend church, however I always had a feeling something more was out there, I just didn't have any "proof" I guess you could say.

One night towards the end of January I got into a fight with my mom when I was having an emotional episode from the heartbreak of the relationship ending, and I decided to pack my bag and leave the house at 8pm in the cold. I ended up walking for 2 hours across my city, and had the cops out looking for me to ensure I was safe, since I didn't check my phone at all, I just kept walking. I passed a church early on and looked up at the large white cross positioned on the top of the building above the entrance, and I asked God for safe passage. Nobody bothered me that night on the walk, and I didn't get sick from the cold. From that night onward the following months I discovered more about God, and mainly Archangels. The first was St.Michael who I resonated with immediately due to his strength and compassion.

I started studying more during the rest of 2018 and grew stronger as a person, and spiritually. My connection to God and the angels was getting stronger all the time. I even shared an experience with Jesus around Easter. I watched Passion of the Christ for the first time, and while I know that movie of course may not be correct, or an acceptable adaptation, I found it extremely moving and it had me in tears wishing I could take the pain instead of Jesus.

Soon after, I ended up going to a local cemetery where they have a life-like crucifix in the center. I walked up to it and kneeled before it, looking up. I then mentally thanked Jesus for his gift, and I felt a strong loving energy in my chest. I knew I was heard, and my love for Christ, God, the Angels, and Heaven grew more that day.

In the fall of 2018 I asked God for help with my father, he was always hard on me and expected more from me in a material sense, but he's also atheist. I didn't know how to deal with him without upsetting him with my beliefs. God ended up answering by softening his heart enough to understand my situation more, and I believe he finally saw how much I was struggling.

Now, the real reason I wanted to write a testimony in the first place happened in May of this year. Our landlord called my mom on May 1st, 2019 telling her he was putting the house up for sale. Of course this sent my mom into a horrible panic, telling him we'd end up homeless and don't know where to go. We currently pay 800$/mo plus utilities, however our saving grace was the fact he set the starting asking price to 500,000$ CDN. This house is worth maybe 200,000-300,000 at best, it needs way too much work to invest more.

I started praying immediately, I even went on Facebook and other sites to locate prayer request groups so I could ask more people to join in and pray for us to either find a suitable place to move to, or to stay where we are. Needless to say, it's now well into October, and the prayers have been working. Only 3 people have come to view the house, and none bid close to what the landlord wanted, and he even lowered the price twice. He stopped at 349,999$ and said he refuses to go any lower - which may have acutally been what saved our house from being purchased. However, it's still on the market for about 1-2 more weeks.

I prayed to God again asking him for either more time, or help finding the right place to live where we can afford it. And get this, the landlord spoke to my mom days ago and agreed to take the house off the market for 4 more years if we pay an extra 200$ on top of our current rent. So it would be 1000$/mo plus utilities and we get to stay. I can't properly express the truth in my emotions while typing all this, but I have experienced far more in the last 2 years that I don't have enough room to type out.

For the most part, God has been teaching me how to love unconditionally, and understand everyone's situation in life. I may have overcome the worst part of the battle with depression and anxiety since accepting God into my life, but I still have much to learn. I know He will be with me and ensure I'm safe, and hopefully I can inspire others to take up their faith as well.

I needed to get this testimony out there for others to see, God does hear our prayers, and he does answer them in his timing!