my anxiousness

hello every body
Actually i am not new here, i join the site the year before last year, in the year 2010, i caught a desease named ITP, thanks God, now i am recoverd, all healthy testing results is normal, now i have came back to the work, back to the site, can i talk about my problem here? i am 27 years old, beacause of the teaching that i received is do not mismatched with unbelievers, so i am waiting for God giving me Mr right, But since now, my Mr right haven't appear, i consider that God has his own time, but sometimes, i was a bit of anxious. expecially these days, As you know, i am from China, wenzhou City,may be you guys will not believe it, but the situation here is so many couples is developped from blind date(i means man and lady first date because other's arrangement, and it's purpose is marrige), so these days the matchmaker said that there was a brother, She wanted to interduce the brother to me, and the results is no one contact me or no one appears, the things happed two times, at last, i realised maybe becauese i caught ITP last year, and my church used to pray for me to the God, so menbers in church all knows about my situation, i used to think isn't the problem, my future husband should know and accpet the history of mine, But the facts is no one wants to date with me, then i talk to myself, to be simple, loving God and working hard,do not think too much, in my deep heart i known that it beacause of lacking faith for marriage. :(
Hi Linda, welcome back to the site! I'm sorry to hear about you having had ITP, I'm glad you've recovered from it. I know it can seem sometimes that God isn't listening to your prayers but He always is. You said the last 2 times no one contacted you or appeared and now you feel no ones wants to date you. Don't lose heart sister! Trust in God that He will always provide for you, sometimes you just need patience for Gods plans for you to happen. "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose." (Romans 8:28)
Linda welcome to the forums!! Great to hear that you have recovered from IPT, praise God for that :).. I am in the same situation as you are in, although i am learning that God's timing and plans are more important that mine in every way. I too try sometimes to push things but it doesn't work out and your the one to get hurt in the end. So learning the hard way its always better to just keep waiting on God. He has a plan and a purpose for all of us. Keep believing and praying with scripture based on marriage and relationships, God will move.. :)

God Bless
thanks for all your replying, i do not have faith now, but i am learning to gain faith, may God give mercy to my little faith, is somebody here can give me some advice how to improve english, especilly oral english, because of my new job requires english ability, so i worry of my oral english, who can help me?
If you'd like, Linda, I can help you with English. Actually, anyone on this site that can speak and write English well can help you too! :) Welcome back to the site and praise God that you are healed!